Dads meet newborn baby they’re adopting: ‘You’re gonna be so loved’

These dads shared the emotional moment they met their adopted baby for the first time, and it had TikTokers tearing up!

The TikTok account @ellasdads belongs to two dads raising their adorable adopted baby daughter, Ella. The proud dads have been sharing sweet moments in the life of their daughter since they first brought her home from the hospital.

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In a recent video, the dads showed the emotional moment they got to meet baby Ella for the first time! The video shows the two dads breaking down in tears as they meet newborn Ella in the hospital.

The video begins with a shot of the two dads walking down a nondescript hospital corridor. Both dads wear masks, checkered button-down shirts, and jeans, but one of the dads is also wearing a puffy black vest and baseball cap. Both dads look a little nervous as they approach their newborn daughter’s hospital room, and one of the dads suppresses a small sob as he walks.

Slowly, they approach the open door of Ella’s hospital room. Before even entering the room, one of the soon-to-be parents is overcome by emotion, and covers his face with his hands. They pause for a moment in the doorway, collecting themselves before entering the room.

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Then, the dads approach the small bed, where their newborn daughter is resting. The baby wears a small hat to keep her head warm, and appears to be looking up at her new dads. They look back down at their daughter with tears in their eyes and obvious love on their faces.

One of the dads puts his arm around the other, then turns to the newborn baby and tells her, “You’re going to be so loved.”

The video ends with the dads staring lovingly at their newborn daughter.

The video had TikTokers getting emotional!

“My heart. What a lucky little girl. Congrats!” one viewer wrote.

“Okay, this made me cry! So beautiful!” commented another TikToker.

“True love right there,” another viewer chimed in.

If this video is any indication, Ella certainly has a childhood full of love to look forward to!

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