Dad faces backlash over his ‘insane’ reason for ignoring his daughter’s hobbies: ‘It’s not all about you’

A father can’t figure out why his daughter is mad that he refuses to spend time with her.

He spends time with his boys playing sports and going on trips. However, his daughter has different interests. When she asks him to join in her hobbies, he declines. Now she believes her dad is picking favorites. He posted on Reddit’s “Am I the A? (AITA)” forum for help.

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“I (36 M) have 3 children (12 M) (14 M) (16 F). I spend most of my time with my boys fishing, going on trips with them and their friends,” he wrote. “We spend a lot of time together bonding as father and sons but my daughter does not.”

His daughter doesn’t seem interested in tagging along when he invites her. However, he says no when she asks him to spend time with her.

“My daughter asks me to do things like practice make-up, fashion etc. I have no interest instead I like things like football, fishing, and building things,” he explained. “My daughter comes around asking me to come shopping with her which I find unimaginably boring so I pass on the offer.

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“Last week she came too me and I refused,” he wrote. “I think this was the last straw in her book because she was furious. She started calling me out saying how I never spend time with her and that I love her brothers more than I care about her.”

People on Reddit felt this was entirely the father’s fault.

“You’re her FATHER, it’s not all about you. It’s insane to me that you’re neglecting time with her because ‘it’s boring,'” a user wrote.

“Giving her ‘daddy issues’ because he’s bored of having a daughter, can you imagine?” another added.

“You (OP) push her away whenever she attempts to get close to you. You constantly reject her. You’re favoriting your boys, and aren’t interested in her presence,” someone commented.

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