Dad Who Declined Offer to Sit with Wife and Kids on Plane Gets Roasted on TikTok

He instead sent another child to sit with the mom, according to the passenger who offered to give up her seat

<p>Getty Images</p> Mom sits alone on plane with two kids.

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Mom sits alone on plane with two kids.

Becoming a parent often means sacrificing certain luxuries. And that’s why TikTok was up in arms about a recent viral video, which showed a dad choosing to sit separately from his wife and three kids, so he could enjoy a quiet plane ride alone from Las Vegas to Vancouver, British Columbia.

The majority of TikTok comments reacting to the video suggested that dumping the chaos of screaming children and dirty diapers for almost three hours on a co-parent is simply frowned upon.

The video, which has garnered about 5 million views and thousands of comments, was posted earlier this month by user @one_toughmother (aka Kristine Sostar McLellan).

In the video, McLellan wrote, "I was seated next to a mom who had a baby in her lap and a toddler beside her. It was a lot..."

She continued, "I offered to switch seats with the dad, who was a few rows up, so he could be with his family. He says 'Great, thanks' AND SENDS OVER ANOTHER SMALL KID TO SIT WITH THE MOM. He enjoyed a kid-free flight."

Many comments that followed ranged from moderate to severe anger.

“Ohhhh the world would be too small for my man to leave me with ALL the kids on a plane,” one user wrote in the comments.

“Divorce IMMEDIATELY,” another added.

<p>Getty Images</p> A family with several children on a plane.

Getty Images

A family with several children on a plane.

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After the video went viral, McLellan told Today that she noticed the mom was also struggling with quite a bit of carry-on luggage, in addition to keeping her three kids calm. McLellan has also since noted that while many commenters agreed with her, a handful were men who went through “mental gymnastics” to defend the dad. In a follow-up TikTok post, she wrote that he should have declined her offer.

“This is a scenario we should all be equally repulsed by,” she said to fault-finding commenters. “And the fact that you’re not says a lot about you.”

Plane etiquette is a controversial topic. While the verdict has (mostly) been reached on whether or not a dad should be able to sit on a plane alone, many still debate the topic of giving up their seat so families can sit together. Food Network’s Sunny Anderson garnered attention for her plane etiquette opinions earlier this summer. She stated that she doesn’t feel obligated to give up her plane seat, particularly because sitting in the window seat mitigates her flying anxieties.

<p>Getty Images</p> Man sits alone on a plane.

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Man sits alone on a plane.

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"Sorry, mom. I'm sitting in the window seat for my anxiety. I shouldn't be forced to explain that for your visible issues or picked on about it. If ever I can't get a window seat, I legit look for another flight," Anderson commented on a post from Today welcoming followers’ opinions.

PEOPLE also spoke with Fora Travel advisor Nicole Campoy Jackson on whether or not solo passengers should feel obligated to give up their seats, and she said that ultimately, it’s up to the passengers in large groups to book their seats next to or near each other — not up to other passengers.

HeroImages/Getty Images Family sitting together on a plane.
HeroImages/Getty Images Family sitting together on a plane.

"Generally speaking, don’t board a plane expecting passengers to shift for you," Jackson said, "especially if your seat is not as comfortable as (or more than) theirs."

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