What is the ‘In the cut with my twin’ sound on TikTok and where does it come from?

TikTok once again has a new trend, and the newest viral song and dance move comes thanks to two up-and-coming Atlanta rappers.

Famous Sally (@famoussally2) and YB released their debut song “Wassup Gway” on June 15, 2023. The official video has just over 53,000 views. The group has only released two songs (“Wassup Gway and “Head Attack”), but their first one is making the rounds on social media.

While the song hasn’t hit the Billboard charts yet, it’s quickly gaining popularity on TikTok — powering a trend that even Drake participated in.

“he a little to good at this trend,” commented @urfavm3dd1e.

Drake is just one of hundreds of thousands of people to do this dance to the song. As Famous Sally raps, “In the cut with my twin we be vibing/Classy b**** but they know I be outside with it,” users move their hands in an L-shape.

Currently, the audio has over 650,000 videos attached to it. TikTokers have done this by themselves or paired up with a partner to make these videos, with each post showing users in a vibing state. People have used it to brush off negative comments about their relaxation habits to unsupportive relationship advice.

“‘You can’t stay in bed the entire day,’” wrote @mordecaimontez in his post.

“‘You’re gonna get bored if you hang out with the same person everyday,’” @ayesebastien wrote in his video.

In some of the videos, many users write the phrase “honest reaction” in the post, with the dance meant to show their dismissive attitude to whatever was said to them.

Although this song and dance is new, the “honest reaction” element of the trend isn’t. TikTokers have revamped old trends and made them relevant again, using the same CapCut template or song in a different way. However, Famous Sally and YB’s song acts more of an extension of a previous trend.

Earlier this year, TikTokers latched on to an advertisement campaign Ryan Gosling did with luxury brand Gucci to show their true feelings about several topics. In the shoot, Gosling had a nonchalant look on his face, which users then took to show they didn’t care about hating comments.

Famous Sally and YB are just getting started in their rap career, but TikTokers have given them a boost with this trend.

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