Critter hitchhiked into a Colorado garage. See it ‘majestically sprinting’ to freedom

A furry critter hitchhiked all the way into someone’s garage and had to be rescued and released back into the wild, Colorado wildlife officials said.

Wheat Ridge Animal Control captured the marmot and handed it off to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers to release it, officials said in an Aug. 29 post on Twitter, rebranded as X.

“Go marmot go!” officials wrote in the caption of a video showing it sprinting off into Staunton State Park on Friday, Aug. 25. “The marmot could only be reached for a brief comment.”

A short clip showed the creature letting out a single chirp while it waited to be released from its cage.

Staunton State Park was a fitting place for its release, considering marmots are the mascot for the park. Officials even host a Marmot Fest each summer to celebrate, officials said.

“Why not in the winter? Well because marmots can hibernate underground in the colder months,” officials said. Marmots are similar to groundhogs, but they are not the same animal.

Officials also shared a slow-motion video of the marmot “majestically sprinting” — hopping through the grass — back to freedom.

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