This Crazy Jilted-Bride Story Has a Heartwarming, Charitable Ending

For better or worse, it’s pretty hard to resist a good jilted bride story. That’s why when a bridesmaid in Austin, Texas, began to live-tweet the aftermath of a friend’s canceled wedding, there were soon many riveted readers.

After a fiancé cheated on his future bride, a bridesmaid tweeted about the unfolding drama, and her tweets went viral. (Photo: Getty Images)
After a fiancé cheated on his future bride, a bridesmaid tweeted about the unfolding drama, and her tweets went viral. (Photo: Getty Images)

Twitter user @starlightgeek (who prefers the pronoun they) began their story on Saturday, June 17, the day of the scheduled wedding, which was called off after the bride-to-be caught her fiancé in bed with another bridesmaid.

“Y’all. I have been having the most ridiculous 24 hours. Friend wants to keep the drama off Twitter, but is okay with me saying this,” Starlightgeek wrote. “It was going to be a low-key backyard wedding. We’re still doing the potluck & party. He’s not welcome. Locks changed, etc.”

At first, Starlightgeek said they were writing to explain their Twitter absence for a while, since they and a third bridesmaid were helping to comfort the bride. But as the story developed, they kept readers informed of more drama as it unfolded.

The nonwedding potluck sounded like quite the party, especially when the bride and her friends shot paintballs at her wedding dress.

Then things got crazy.


As guests watched this happening on an iPad, the bride apparently said, “I didn’t dodge a bullet; I dodged a f***ing atomic bomb.”

Meanwhile, though the new bride allegedly bragged that they were going to go on a “real” honeymoon, the jilted bride told everyone at the party that her ex’s passport was still at their house. She also took the extra step of emptying the bank account that held their honeymoon savings.

As Starlightgeek pointed out, it seems like going on with the party was a good idea, because if the bride had stumbled on the live stream by herself, it probably would not have been so funny. Starlightgeek had been cheated on by their own fiancée years ago, and the bride was the one who helped them through their grief.

After the festivities ended, Starlightgeek went on to explain how they were unloading the cheating ex’s belongings — giving important items to his mother and donating the rest to domestic violence shelters and Goodwill. “Low-key update: We’ve decided to take his things to *multiple* goodwill locations. Can’t make it too easy for him to get it all back.”

Soon after this thread began to go viral, Starlightgeek had to defend their story. Many accused them of making it all up. Others were more moved by this act of friendship.

“You and the other superfriends are amazing,” wrote @ORgrannie. “Thanks for sharing. Mad love to all the goonies who came through so beautifully.”

In response to the doubters, Starlightgeek repeated that they had started the thread only to update friends and said they weren’t going to try to convince people. But then they did go on to add a request from the bride, to use this newfound popularity to raise money for domestic violence or LGBTQ shelters.

“I can report that she is honestly so, so moved by the outpouring of love and solidarity shown and wants this to mean good things for others,” Starlightgeek added, and asked that people tweet their donation receipts with the hashtag #TheBridePride.

When Yahoo Style reached out to Starlightgeek for comment, they said they were not doing interviews, but asked that we repeat this request. They also changed their Twitter name to read “Donate 2 DVShelters!” So, even if this amazing story turns out to be made up, it’s certainly doing the opposite of harm.

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