Courtside seats for NBA Finals sell for small fortune

Andrew G. Zuber

The Toronto Raptors are making their first ever appearance in the NBA Finals, and it looks like the demand to witness history in person is making Toronto’s secondary ticket market the biggest winner of the upcoming series.

A pair of courtside seats to Game 1 in Toronto sold for $76,477.50 CAD ($56,876.77 USD), according to Action Network’s Darren Rovell.

That is, quite obviously, a truly astronomical price to pay to see a basketball game, and one that exceeds the salary of the average Canadian (around $51,000) by a substantial sum.

Whether or not dropping that much money to see Game 1 is reasonable is a decision left to each individual interested in attending, but it makes for a pretty easily made “real fans have been priced out of the game” narrative should things not be as raucous as Raptors fans reputations have established.

Luckily for those “true fans” who don’t have a year’s worth of salary to splurge on Game 1, there is always Jurassic Park waiting outside, with big screens and fellow fans packed in shoulder-to-shoulder to make watching the game a communal experience.

There’s just the matter of how long the line will be to get in, of course.

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