Couple find out they might be related after dating

·2 min read

A couple on TikTok have gone viral after revealing there is a chance they could be related, after being in a relationship for two years.

The users, known as Carley and Mercedes, posted a video of themselves to the social media platform earlier this week with overlaying text that read: “When you find out two years into dating that your mums both slept with the same guy”.

The pair captioned the video, which has been viewed over 10 million times and has over 9,000 comments, with: “Should we take a DNA test?” followed by the #siblingsordating hashtag.

Users were quick to comment on the likeness between the two, with one person writing: “That could explain why you two look like sisters …”

“No I have no idea who you guys are and I immediately thought you were sisters before reading the text,” another person wrote.

The couple have since made several follow-up videos to the original post, including one posted on Friday morning stating that the DNA test they had ordered “would be arriving tomorrow”.

One user commented on the post, noting the several videos that have been posted by the pair on the same subject: “I feel like this is just being milked and they know they aren’t related.”

Another user said: “I still think this account is all a joke and you’re actually related.”

A third added: “I can’t tell if they’re serious or are they just using the algorithm.”

Others were “praying” for the TikTok algorithm to bring them back to the pair’s page when the results came in.

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