Couple infuriates mother by moving tables to avoid hearing ‘somebody else’s crying baby’

A mom is wondering if she crossed the line with some other parents after a night out at a restaurant.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. She and her husband went out for the first time since their second baby was born. It was a big deal, so they went to a fancy restaurant.

But they happened to be seated by another couple with a crying baby. She told the waiter they would like to be seated somewhere else because “it was our first time out after having a baby and we didn’t feel like spending our evening next to someone else’s crying baby.”

The server quickly accommodated them. But the parents with the crying baby overheard the Reddit poster’s comment. The mom got upset and ranted about how the Reddit poster didn’t have children, although she had two.

“We should just accept that babies can be loud and cry and there’s nothing she could do about it,” the angry mother told the Reddit poster.

The Reddit poster was annoyed by the mom, so she told her there was a solution to the crying baby; “she could take her baby home so it can properly sleep and then let everyone else there enjoy their meal.”

Now the Reddit poster is wondering if her comments were too harsh.

“In what universe do you want to go to a fancy restaurant ANY time and listen to somebody else’s crying baby,” a user wrote.

“I’m a mother and would totally move if I was out on a date night and we were seated next to a crying baby. It’s your prerogative to move if you feel like it,” another commented.

“You have every right to enjoy a quiet evening,” someone said.

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