Counterpoint: Experts debate if the media has been fair to President Donald Trump

Jess Butler,

In the fake news era, the media has come under extreme scrutiny for its coverage of the 2016 election and the current presidency. Well-trusted publications like the New York Times and CNN were accused of attacking Trump as well as false reporting. The NYT even went as far as printing a full page spread of every lie Donald Trump has told since taking office. 

On the other hand, Trump continues to take to Twitter to blast the media and various other foes. He defends his innocence on a regular basis and makes harsh claims against people, political parties, and publications. One of his claims can be seen in the Tweet below:

Buzzfeed and other media outlets received intense backlash for publishing a report on an unverified dossier claiming Trump had strong ties to Russia. The media continues to volley criticisms back and forth with the U.S. president, which leaves many to wonder who you can believe in the current political climate. 

In this week's episode of Counterpoint, a new AOL series, two experts debate the question: has the media been fair in its coverage of Donald Trump? 

About Counterpoint: Today’s political and social climate may be more fragmented than ever. Hear from the experts as they explore different sides of some of the most contentious debates going on right now.

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