Could Spurs protect Vicario more?

BBC Sport's chief football news reporter Simon Stone

BBC Sport's chief football news reporter Simon Stone has been answering your questions.

Buster asked: What are your thoughts on the Spurs defenders allowing Ben White to hassle Gigi Vicario? It is baffling to me. When organising my defence for a corner that is the first thing I will check - is anyone on my keeper? It is vital your keeper can come out and punch or claim. This is basics, surely? Or is this just zonal marking gone mad?

Simon replied: It is interesting. I have seen goalkeepers getting crowded at corners at a wide spread of levels in the game this season. I do recall Manchester United players surrounding David de Gea in his early days at the club as they tried to protect him from being stopped from coming for crosses.

I wonder if the change is partly to do with managers being aware that committing players to defending the goalkeeper means opposition players are free.