Costco's Pumpkin Cheesecake Is Back For Another Holiday Season

Slice of Costco pumpkin cheesecake
Slice of Costco pumpkin cheesecake - Costco/Facebook

Even though Thanksgiving still stands between now and Christmas, chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' have both bid adieu to pumpkin spice lattes and other fall favorites in favor of winter sips like the beloved Peppermint Mocha. One grocer is still keeping the pumpkin spirit alive, however: Costco, where the return of a mouthwatering pumpkin-flavored dessert has many shoppers anxious to head to their local warehouse.

A little over two months after the triumphant return of Costco's iconic pumpkin pie, the big-box retailer's equally-as-adored pumpkin cheesecake has officially been spotted in stores. Outweighing the warehouse's pumpkin pie by more than a pound, the nearly 5-pound dessert was spotted on November 2 at a Southern California location by Reddit user u/henrycakesss, who promptly alerted their fellow cardholders about their find. "It's back!! Pumpkin cheesecake!" they captioned a photo of the beloved baked good in all its glory.

The post has already elicited several responses, including one from a user who deemed the cheesecake the "best item in the bakery." Another Reddit user called the treat "dangerous," and it seems they just might be right.

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Is Costco's Returning Pumpkin Cheesecake Worth The Hype?

Costco pumpkin cheesecake
Costco pumpkin cheesecake - @capyeats/X, formerly known as Twitter

Costco's returning pumpkin cheesecake certainly does sound "dangerous," but in all the right ways. It features a buttery graham cracker crust filled with pumpkin cheesecake filling, a layer of spiced cream, and whipped cream. It also comes pre-cut with 16 slices, each of which Instagram user @costcohotfinds called "the perfect amount" last year. Unfortunately, no price information has yet been shared, but since last year's retailed for $17.99, customers can likely expect to shell out a similar amount in 2023.

The dessert has been making its annual holiday season appearance for several years now, and if you've yet to pick it up for yourself (it is pretty heavy, after all), you may be wondering if it's worth the hype. Based on reviews from other Costco shoppers, it certainly seems to be.

"These are incredible. I could eat the whole thing," one Redditor said last year, while the year prior, another user claimed it was the winner of their Thanksgiving meal. "I drizzle chocolate sauce all over it," u/everybodyBnicepls shared. "Next level, I tell ya." Several Costco members have also said the pumpkin cheesecake freezes well, so if you spot it in your local store, you could easily pick up a second one to keep in your freezer, just in case you start craving a taste of fall long after the season ends.

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