Costco's Newest Sweet Treats 'Taste Like Something My Grandmother Made'

Butter, sugar, and spice make everything nice.



We love our sweets. Anything from pies to cakes and everything in between, all desserts make our day, but we have a particular sweet spot for a great cookie. Chocolate chip, cinnamon, sugar—you name it, and we love it.

While we enjoy making our own cookies by hand, we’re never opposed to trying ones from someone else’s oven. That’s where our favorite retailers like Costco come in, providing us with delectable cookies that taste homemade and come in fancy red tin canisters ideal for gifting.

Costco Is Now Selling Butter Pecan Meltaways From David’s Cookies

Costco recently started selling the Butter Pecan Meltaways from David’s Cookies, which are made with rich butter and pecan chunks and doused in powdered sugar. Each large red tin holds 2 pounds of these buttery meltaway cookies, so you’ll have plenty to enjoy during the holiday season on your own or with others—that is, if you choose to share.

There is already a lot of chatter about the cookies online, with customers excited about their latest Costco find. On a recent Reddit thread, one user posted a photo of the red tin saying that these cookies are “total bombalicious” and “taste like something my Grandmother made.” Others were eager to chime in, commenting they were “freaking delicious!”

If you can snag a tin of these cookies at your local Costco before they are gone, you may get them for $9.99 or cheaper, according to the Reddit post, with a possible discounted price of $6.99 or $7.99 if you have a coupon.

Those who can’t find the tin in-store can always head online to Costco’s website. There, you’ll find a two-pack on sale for $33.99, which isn’t $10 but less than what you’d pay on David’s Cookies’ website, which offers one tin for about the same price.

Users on the same Reddit thread also commented on how these cookies make the perfect Christmas gift with some saying they “look expensive” and are “perfect for under the Christmas tree.” We whole-heartedly agree, although they look so delicious, we’re not sure they’ll last long enough in our houses to make it to Christmas.

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