Costco's Carrot Cake Cupcakes Just Came Back & They're Already Starting Drama

Each year around this time, Costco customers patiently wait for the return of the warehouse's fan-favorite Carrot Cake Cupcakes. Just in time for spring, the bakery treat has returned, but it appears that they're no longer the innocent, Easter cupcakes we know and love. These cupcakes are far more...naughty.

Yep, Costco's beloved Carrot Cake Cupcakes have gotten frisky. Shortly after the cupcakes returned to the bakery, an image of the dessert surfaced on Reddit.

The caption was innocent enough: "Anyone else love the carrot cake. First time buying them. Sooo good."

But it was the photo of the cupcake, which was placed on a Winnie the Pooh plate, that has us clutching our pearls. Before you take a peek, just know that it's very much giving NSFW.

A quick glance shows that the carrot on top of the cupcake appears to resemble a certain part of the male body. And commenters didn't hesitate to hilariously point out carrot's questionable shape.

"Congrats on having the balls to try something new!" one person wrote.

"Someone must have been feeling a little spicy in the bakery today," read another comment.

One Redditor felt the need to offer the warehouse this warning: "Costco, chill. My gf goes on this subreddit."

"As long as she’s happy?" someone wrote in response to their plea.

This isn't the first time a spring treat has had a NSFW moment. Around this time last year, ALDI's UK's Bunnies & Chicks marshmallows went viral on social media for its hilariously phallic appearance.

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