Costco Is A One-Stop Shop For Your Road Trip

Shopper holding Costco card
Shopper holding Costco card - dennizn/Shutterstock

There are many reasons why people love Costco, from the free samples to the bulk items and the amazing deals you can find on foods like rotisserie chicken. Not to mention, Costco is one of the few places that will have Halloween and Christmas decor in August. For those who love embracing all the seasons with festive decorations, Costco is like an adult playground.

The convenience of Costco is also unmatched, especially if you are planning to travel, because they have just about everything you could need all in one place. Whether you are taking a road trip to visit friends, family, or driving to a vacation destination, there is a good chance you can find all the necessities and more during one trip to Costco.

While it may seem obvious, a road trip isn't possible without a vehicle, and Costco Travel offers rental cars with special rates for their members, plus added benefits like free additional drivers and annual rewards for exclusive members. You'll also need to fill up your car for the long drive and Costco gas prices are hard to beat. But that's just the start of what the bulk store giant can offer for your road trip convenience.

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Costco Covers All The Bases

Costco shoppers checking out
Costco shoppers checking out - Artyooran/Shutterstock

Road snacks are another essential for travel, and the premade food section is perfect if you need a filling meal while on the go. You can even purchase an ice chest at Costco and fill it with their premade salads, wraps, tacos, and pinwheels. Having easily accessible food while driving makes a road trip much more enjoyable. There are also tons of shelf-stable options that you can bring with you on your road trip or to snack on once you reach your destination, like apple sauces, chia seed puddings, chips, nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit.

Another perk that Costco has is its vast array of alcoholic beverages for a decent price. Of course, this wouldn't be for the drive, but most road trips involve a destination where an adult beverage is appreciated. There are popular wines, Kirkland champagne, hard liquor, and sodas for mixing. If you aren't much of a drinker, sparkling waters and juices are a great option for mocktails.

Dessert is very necessary for any road trip, and Costco offers some great sugary treats. While the chilled cakes and pies will likely need a spot in your cooler, their muffins can be eaten in the car or saved for a quick breakfast. If you think you'll be craving something sweet while driving, stock up on cookies, candy, and chocolate as well.

Costco Can Help You Plan Your Trip Too

Costco gift cards
Costco gift cards - The Image Party/Shutterstock

Costco also has a large assortment of energy drinks which will be essential for those long hours in the car or busy days filled with activities. Depending on your road trip itinerary, there are also many discounts on tickets, from movie theaters to theme parks, so if you're heading out to a big-name vacation destination, be sure to check if Costco offers any exceptional deals. You can also purchase a variety of gift cards at a discounted price to use on gas, meals, or fun pit stops throughout your road trip.

Costco catering is another super-affordable and convenient way to feed a larger group of people. However, shoppers typically have to place their orders in the store by the deli department for various party platters or cakes. This can be done in advance and picked up as you head out on your road trip, or you could try calling a Costco close to your road trip destination and ask the deli to place a catering order over the phone.

Last but not least, a Costco trip wouldn't be complete without a stop at their iconic food court. Not only is their famous Costco hot dog and soda deal for $1.50 completely inflation-proof, but their single slice of pizza covers an entire paper plate and only costs $2! Doing a massive grocery haul and packing up your car for a road trip is no small feat, so rewarding yourself with a food court churro or smoothie for the road is the cherry on top of a perfect Costco trip. Plus, knowing you won't have to go anywhere else before getting on the road is amazing.

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