Coronation Street's Tina O'Brien teases surprise pregnancy storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Sarah Barlow has been acting out of character lately, as recent weeks have seen her give into temptation and begin an affair with Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths).

However, next week Sarah is forced to confess her actions after son Harry sees the two lovers in a passionate embrace and keeps making comments to Sarah's husband Adam (Sam Robertson) that start to become suspicious.

Now, actress Tina O'Brien has teased that the storyline is set to see even more drama as Sarah finds out that she is pregnant, but doesn't know which of the two is the father.

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"It's all going to come out, it's just the tip of the iceberg, it's messy and it's about to get more messy," O'Brien told the Daily Star at this year's British Soap Awards.

"There's going to be a troubling time that she realises she is with child but she is unsure as to who the father of the child is going to be. That's the mess, here comes the box being opened, and then she's thinking: 'Was it even worth it? Of course it wasn't'."

O'Brien also hinted that there way be some more "bad behaviour" from the cobbles resident before she begins to find her way back: "She's always been quite well behaved so maybe there's some more bad behaviour in addition to her affair, but eventually there's got to be a comeuppance."

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Opening up on why Sarah has been tempted to have an affair, O'Brien explained: "There's not much of a moral reason for her behaviour. She claims Adam's been a bit missing in action at one point and he's been too busy with work, but it's more of an excuse for the way she's acted, so I can't imagine it's going to go down very well.

"Damon suddenly appeared and made her feel excited, and wanted and desired. The fact that he's chased her so hard has made her feel attractive again. She knows she shouldn't be doing this but it's really exciting."

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