Coronation Street: Gemma and Chesney receive shocking news

Episode 11,123 – 11,124 | Airs Wednesday 29 November 2023 at 20:00 on ITV1

As Gemma prepares for their early Christmas, Chesney remarks that Joseph still seems unwell.

On Bernie's advice, Gemma makes Joseph drink lavender tea in the hope it will perk him up. But when Joseph passes out, Chesney is horrified and calls an ambulance.

In the hospital, the doctor tends to Joseph whilst Chesney blames himself, wishing he'd listened to Gemma all along. The doctor drops the bombshell that Joseph has been poisoned. Chesney and Gemma reel in shock.

Meanwhile, Lauren presents Max with a new watch to thank him for all he's done for her. Max is bowled over but worries that she's spent too much. Lauren makes out she's been given a promotion at the call centre.

Sabrina corners Lauren and tells her she was out of order buying Max a watch and needs to stop playing games.

Later, Bernie counts the day's takings at the cafe and realises they're £80 short.

Elsewhere, Sarge makes himself very much at home, to Ed's annoyance. When Sarge admits that his business is struggling and he needs to borrow £2k, Ronnie assures him that he and Ed can lend him the money. Ed masks his rising panic.

Also today, George can see Liam is being bullied at school and tries to get him to open up by talking about his own experiences. George shares his concerns with Gary.

Finally, Asha suggests to Nina they have a night out in town. But when she reveals she's already arranged to meet her college friends, Asha tells her not to cancel as she'll meet Isla instead. Nina kicks herself. Aadi reckons they should both make more of an effort to get to know each other's friends.

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