Corey Dickerson somehow doubled on a pitch that bounced in the dirt

For one pitch during one at-bat on Tuesday night, Corey Dickerson was the luckiest guy in baseball. The hot-hitting left fielder for the Tampa Bay Rays swung at a pitch he definitely shouldn’t have swung at, but somehow ended up golfing a stand-up double. Why is that so lucky? Because the pitch bounced in the dirt before Dickerson got his bat on it.

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How did this happen? The Rays were facing the Texas Rangers on Tuesday night, and Dickerson came up in the third inning to face pitcher Nick Martinez. With the count 2-2, Martinez threw a pitch down in the dirt, probably hoping Dickerson would chase.

And he did, swinging at a pitch that he had no business hitting. Normally, Dickerson’s bat would have gone right past that pitch and he would have struck out. But not this time. The pitch hit the ground just before the bat was crossing the plate, and when it bounced back up, Dickerson’s bat was in the perfect position to hit it. The timing was spot on, and completely lucky.

Corey Dickerson had no business doubling on this pitch. ( Screenshot)
Corey Dickerson had no business doubling on this pitch. ( Screenshot)

The ball rolled down the third base line and managed to stay fair. Everyone was stunned, including one of the commentators who said “What in the world?” Dickerson wasn’t surprised, though. He didn’t waste a single second trying to figure out how he managed that hit, he just started running. He made it to second base standing up, and his double helped the Rays score another three runs that inning.

What makes Dickerson’s hit even crazier is that he’s done it before. Back in 2013 he got a double on another pitch that bounced in front of the plate! But it doesn’t matter how many times Dickerson has done it, you can’t talk about a batter hitting a bad pitch without mentioning bad-ball virtuoso Vlad Guerrero. The MLB Twitter account knows what’s up.

Corey “Vlad” Dickerson.

— MLB (@MLB) May 31, 2017

Dickerson doesn’t need that kind of luck to hit well. He’s hitting .346/.390/.615 this season, so he’s doing just fine on his own. But doesn’t everyone deserve just a little bit of luck every now and then?

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