Cop jumps in to save woman ‘screaming for help’ when kayak capsizes, Nebraska police say

A police officer jumped into a lake to save a drowning woman after her kayak capsized, Nebraska officials said.

Several 911 calls came in saying there was a woman drowning and “screaming for help,” according to a Nov. 6 Facebook post by the Lincoln Police Department.

After finding the woman about 25 to 30 yards from the shore at Holmes Lake, Officer Pierce Krouse “took off his duty gear” and went into the water, police said.

He rescued the woman and brought her and the kayak back to shore, the post said.

“The whole point of the job is just to help people as much as possible,” Krouse told KLKN. “And I don’t think I could have just stood on the shore and waited for LFR – the rescue team – to get here, knowing that she had been in there for so long.”

The woman was uninjured and Krouse was checked out at a hospital before putting on a dry uniform and going about his shift, police said.

“It was just a relief when she got there,” Krouse told the outlet. “She was a little bit shaken up, understandably. But thankfully, she was OK.”

Lincoln is about 60 miles southwest of Omaha.

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