Comedian mocks Tyra Banks’s ‘huge forehead’ on ‘AGT’

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On America’s Got Talent, Tyra Banks wanted to shut comedian Preacher Lawson up after he made a wisecrack that went straight to her head. The comedian has been a fan favorite on AGT, and he stepped up the jokes by making a crack about the famous supermodel.

“So, I do plan on adopting. But I do want two biological children of my own. Me and my ex — we couldn’t have any; it’s kind of sad,” he said. “She has a huge forehead and I don’t want to pass those genes down to my children. You’re not going to have my kid look like Jimmy Neutron. Don’t get me wrong — I still love Tyra.”

Lawson and Banks have definitely never been an item, but the joke was funny regardless. Preacher continued, “Just saying that you know she has a big forehead; I have big old lips. If we had a son, his face would be a 4D.”

In the end, the judges loved Preacher’s jokes, but Tyra wasn’t so sure. “You know you came for every big-forehead woman across the country right now?” she asked him. “But I brought the big forehead and big lip people together!” he replied.

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