Comedian Mocks Dr. Oz By Pretending To Be Grocery Clerk Helping Him Buy 'Crudité'

The hits just keep on coming for Senate candidate Mehmet Oz’snow-infamous crudité shopping video, this time from a Chicago comedian.

Kim Quindlen posted a video Wednesday in which she plays a grocery clerk forced to deal with the Republican candidate as he cluelessly attempts to buy veggies at a Pennsylvania store he can’t correctly identify.

Oz, formerly known as TV’s “Dr. Oz” before he moved from New Jersey to run for office, posted the video in April. It went viral this week after his Democratic opponent, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, mocked him for using the highfalutin term “crudité,” as opposed to the more common “veggie platter.”

The mockery that ensued led an anchor at the conservative Newsmax media outlet to ask Oz point blank on Wednesday: “Is Dr. Oz relatable to the everyday hard-working Americans there in Pennsylvania?”

Based on Quindlen’s hilarious video, the answer to that question is: No.

As you can see in the video below, Quindlen portrays a clerk at Redner’s, a real-life Pennsylvania grocery chain that Oz misidentifies as “Wegner’s” in his clip.

It’s not easy, since Oz never explains the term “crudité,” as you can see from his original video.

“What’s this for? Is it like a medicinal thing?” she asks, before noticing his hands seem really full. “Do you need a basket or something?”

Quindlen’s character tries to let Oz know that he can just mash his own avocados instead of buying premade guacamole, but then she finally figures out his deal.

“Oh! Are you doing a veggie tray?” she asks before wondering why he thinks tequila is one of the ingredients.

Coming to her senses, she politely suggests that one of her co-workers will be happy to help if he needs further assistance.

You can see the video below.

Many Twitter users were amused by Quidlen’s clip.

However, the best reaction may have come from a parody Twitter account for the fictional store Oz mentioned in his original video.

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