College football fans: Join our new Pick 6 prediction contest. And see who won last week

Welcome to Week 2 of the Idaho Statesman’s weekly college football prediction contest, and thanks to everyone who played in Week 1.

We’ll list new weekly winners after each round of games, so don’t worry if you didn’t enter earlier. But we’ll also keep a running tally of season-long leaders. So be sure to enter the same name or user name if you want your score to be accurate.

In week one, only 25 percent of contestants correctly picked Fresno State to upset Purdue. Eighty-two percent correctly picked Washington to spoil Boise State’s upset bid. Eighty-five percent nailed Washington State’s win over Colorado State. Only 11 percent had faith in Wyoming’s ability to upset Texas Tech. Ninety-two percent predicted Oregon State’s win over San Jose State (the lock of the week!). And somewhat surprisingly, a mere 22 percent correctly had Florida State beating LSU on Sunday night.

No contestants had a perfect 6-0 score, although three had a 5-1 record. Twenty-one finished a step behind with a 4-2 record. Happily, no one had an 0-6 record. Though one of you was 1-5. (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.)

Without further ado, here are Week 1’s Pick 6 Top 6 of the week. (Tiebreaker was the final score of the Boise State-Washington game.)

Now, ready for Week 2? Here’s a summary of the rules for those new to the contest.

1) List your name (optional).

2) List a unique user name if you don’t want your real name used (optional).

3) List your favorite college football team (optional).

4) Pick the winners of our six games.

5) List the final score of Boise State’s game (or a substitute when the Broncos aren’t playing).

6) You’ll have up until kickoff of the first game on our list to make your picks. This week, that’s 10 a.m. Saturday.

Good luck! If the game format isn’t showing up below on your phone or browser, follow this link.