The Clever 'Hair Tuck' Trick That Jennifer Lopez Sported At The 2023 Grammys

jennifer lopez hair grammys
JLo Sports 'Hair Tuck' Trick At The 2023 GrammysInstagram

In case you somehow missed it, Sunday saw some of the biggest names in Hollywood gather for a night at the 65th annual Grammy Awards ceremony. Of course, with any major red carpet comes some equally major beauty moments. Namely, Jennifer Lopez, who had us double-tapping our phones furiously on Monday.

The singer/actor/entrepreneur/mother (and that’s just the titles we're listing off the top of our head) stunned us all with her look. Now, JLo is known for rocking big, bouncy blowouts but for the Grammys, she switched it up.

Calling upon her hair go-to, celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton gave her the bouncy, curly ends we all know and love. But this time, Chris skipped JLo’s signature volume in the roots, opting for a more slicked-down finish instead.

To show you the difference, here's the sort of blowout we're used to seeing the singer wearing:

And here's her look at the 2023 Grammys:

Stunning, right?!

To complete the look, Chris took the front sections of Jennifer’s hair and tucked them behind her ears. Now this may sound simple (and, of course, it is) but 'hair tucking' is actually a pretty big trend at the moment for its overall ‘polished’ finish.

If you struggle to keep your hair there, you can either secure it in place with bobby pins, or, you can take both sections to the back of your neck and tie the ends together in a discreet ponytail. Pretty genius, right?

For makeup, JLo turned to her trusted MUA Mary Phillips for dewy skin, dramatic lashes and a super glossy lip. While celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik used actual diamonds for her manicure. Yes, you absolutely did read that correctly.

Sharing a close-up look at the actor’s nails on Instagram, Tom wrote in the caption: 'Lip Gloss and Diamonds 💄💎 @jlo for @recordingacademy #Grammys2023. We wanted nails that played off her @gucci gown in a fresh minimalistic way 🤩✨.'

In the product breakdown, he then added: '💅🏼A row of tiny diamonds draped down the centre.'

Dazzling. Truly.

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