The Classic Cookbook Martha Stewart Would Turn To Over Any Other

Martha Stewart smiling on stage
Martha Stewart smiling on stage - Jason Mendez/Getty Images

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Martha Stewart is known for many things, including her plethora of published books with her tips on cooking, decorating, and everything in between — but even she turns to another cookbook when she needs guidance in the kitchen. During a keynote conversation at a trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, she was asked which book she would keep in her kitchen if she could only have one and her answer was swift. Stewart said her go-to choice would be the "Joy of Cooking" written by Irma Rombauer, according to Rolling Stone.

Originally launched in 1931 with updated versions released as recently as 2019, it's considered to be one of the most popular cookbooks in the country. This classic is a staple that any true foodie and home cook should have a copy of in their kitchen because it's not just about recipes that have been reworked and published for generations. It's also a guide of sorts filled with cooking tips, methods, and helpful information on different ingredients.

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What Makes 'Joy Of Cooking' A Must-Have Book For Home Cooks

'Joy of Cooking' cookbook cover
'Joy of Cooking' cookbook cover - CBS Sunday Morning/ YouTube

The 2019 edition features 600 new recipes combined with over 4,000 updated ones, but it's not just about that. The book is great for inspiration and brushing up on your kitchen skills. Its pages also have you covered when it comes to techniques for cooking, serving, and even entertaining. There are chapters on specific topics from beverages and cocktails to salads and an entire chapter devoted to egg dishes.

While you might think you can turn to Google for all of your cooking and serving questions, this cookbook mainstay is the ideal place for any home cook to find it all in one place. And if this still hasn't convinced you that you need a copy of Stewart's favorite cookbook, maybe the numbers will. This cookbook has gone on to have a total of nine updated editions and has sold over 20 million copies since being published in the 1930s. Stewart and other devoted fans might be on to something.

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