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Call 345-2277. The wake up crew with Brad and Laura! Entertainment for the whole family to get the day started. We're Thunder Bay's radio station, 91-5 ckpr. >>> Tonight, ontario accelerating its ban on how alcohol is sold. >> My friends you don't have to -- you can get a drink here in ontario. >> The premier announcing the sale of alcohol in grocery stores, big-box stores and convenience stores that's rolling out this summer. >>> One of the biggest events on the calendar in the capitol. >> There is a community responsibility that comes together and with that extra money so we can get the best healthcare possible in the city of ottawa. >> Reporter: 37,000 runners tearing up for the tamarack ottawa race weekend. >>> And a community in mourning. >> Reporter: remembering three people in the early twenties with their lives tragically short -- speedboat collided in berkeley last weekend. [ ] [ ] >>> Good evening. Would begin tonight with the fundamental shift in how ontario's wine -- in grocery stores will all be given the green light to sell alcohol and much earlier than expected to make the phased expansion of rollout will begin later this summer as of august first 450 license grocery stores will be allowed to celebrate -- like coolers and larger packages of beer and alcohol. By the end of october every convenience worker and big-box were in ontario will be able to sell beer, cider, wine and ready to drink alcoholic beverages of the jews. >> Beginning august the 1st people will be able to buy ready to drink alcohol beverages like coolers and sculptures at grocery stores that currently sell wine or beer. These stores will also be able to sell larger backsides beers like catherine pack case of beers that are popular in québec and I know peter you can visit -- back where you originally came from if you love those big 30 pack cases of beer, well, my friend, you don't have to go to québec to get that we can get a right here in ontario skin and the rollout wasn't supposed to happen until 2026. The accelerated timeline comes with a 225 million-dollar payment to the beer stores to help with -- to beer store smacked payment to reimburse w-4 which is exclusive rights to sell 12 and 24 packs of beer until 2025.

>>> 12 expansion of our call sales radically changed the beer store, local convenience store owners say this is long overdue. Ctv's dylan dyson has more. >> Reporter: on a sunny friday afternoon judgement is making a quick pickup of items for the weekend. >> About being -- web actual disc convenience store in rent you will be filled with beer, wine and ready mixed -- ready-made mixed-race after a province approved a call sales in convenience stores. >> I think it's great. Why not? You -- alex pak or whatever you want to make you have to worry about getting to that lcbo or the beer store on time. >> Reporter: located at the opposite ends of town from the alcohol retailers as the owner of dollars convenience is sparking a big boost business. >> I believe it will be at least a quarter of what we're doing -- nonselling more iced. >> Reporter: while some voices maybe concerned about the added accessibility from a health and safety standpoint, it seems all consumers approve of the extra convenience. >> We shopped in québec william hourigan for a while and I think it's a fantastic idea. >> Reporter: convenience >> Convenience is wonderful and in small towns accessibility is beautiful for everyone if you want a beer or wine or a thing about whatever. >> Reporter: lukosius is an opportunity small businesses say they been waiting for and are ready for. >> I think it's long overdue. Were responsible -- kids want to buy lottery tickets just as much as they want to buy beer, we catch them out it. >> I think it's fair to be accessible in more places because you are over the age of 19, it doesn't really matter its not like it's going to change who's getting it as long as there are being properly. >> Reporter: available as early as september 5th to the park the alcohol on convenience store shelves right in the name. >> Anything is convenient is a big thing for everybody. >> Reporter: dylan dyson, ctv news, arnprior screen and you can download the ctv news app right now just cool -- scan the carport -- using your smart phone. Will have more details on the province's plan to expand our call sales the summer.

>>> We'll take a look at what happen weatherwise here in the capitol. Weekday that we had to deal with today. Mainly clear and not -- that continues overnight. Tomorrow we do have a chance of showers but reflects on the is looking great for race day if you're heading our. The 24th -- your conditions continuing overnight -- like mack looking at 13 degrees supposed to be a beautiful beacon as thousands flock to the capital for one of the biggest events of the year. The tamarack ottawa race weekend. More than 37,000 people will be taking part in this year as ctv's katelyn wilson tells us, for one woman, if you drive to get back despite her to run her first half marathon. >> Reporter: sections of hard work is about to pay off or jailed barr as she is ready to run her first half marathon. >> Have always been an athlete. Airplane was at the bible and university another regard for that I've always been searching for that competitive outlets. >> Reporter: is one of thousands training for the ottawa race weekend and for her it's personal, raising money for the ottawa hospital where she was treated for ovarian cancer when she was 11 years old. >> I was a little bit nervous minimum going for treatment. He actually gave me a -- a little scooter back that I can ride from the entrance way down to the radiation treatment centre. Is have a very fond memory of that and just goes to show how focused ottawa hospital is on patient care. >> Reporter: it's stories like these motivating eager participants picking up their risk kits ahead of the big day, like this man who's running the marathon at the age of 75. >> It will be lower than usual but it's all good. If you are healthy and will be you should be happy. >> Reporter: it's not only a big mountain for the event, submitting 50 years, but this week and will welcome more than 37,000 participants, 10,000 more than last year. >> Draws athletes from all over the country, some of the best. >> Reporter: including some athlete's make elite introduced by ctv's leah larocque on friday -- maybe have some friends and family but when you get to the -- why some people are running up it really makes the event seem so much bigger than just a race. [ Cheering ] >> Reporter: dispense like ottawa mayor mark sutcliffe will be running the marathon and helping raise funds for the father of the barrhaven homicide victim. It's also a big weekend for 98 charities with the goal of raising more than $1 million including the ottawa hospital foundation where barr and her team have raised close to $5000. >> There is kind of that community responsibility that comes together in ways that extra money so we can get the possible in Aorter: katelyn wilson, ctv news. Are several wrongfully weekend. Queen elizabeth drive will be closed until sunday night at 8:00.eet will be closed -- small sections of welli then on stretch near the experim a large section of the kitigan zibi will also a list of all the closures you can check that out on

>>> The grease is still fresh nearly a week after the horrific book crush on bob's lake near kingston. The community mourning the sudden loss of three very prominent -- promising young people all in their early twenties. Riley orr, jolette côté and kaila bearman. Do have -- habit the long weekend at bob's lake, about two hours southwest of ottawa. Expert -- speedboat and the dark in buck bay saturday night. Ctv's jack richardson has more on how the victims are being remembered. >> Reporter: these are the three young lives there were tragically lost last weekend. 22-year-old jolette côté was a recent graduate from some -- saint laurence college and koneh design business with her mom. Her obituary since she was incredibly proud of her recent accomplishment and was extremely excited to start the next chapter of her life. She was on the path to succeeding in everything she put her mind to." 's celebration of life was held at her family home on friday. Coat daily was behind the love of her life, her boyfriend at ben. 23-year-old riley orr worked for frontenac's plumbing service right out of high school. 's former employers and we watched him grow in to an outstanding young man. Orr's obituary said, "he was alright -- always ready to m. -- family gatherings or just get-togethers with his friends." rarely was quiet but had a huge, kind heart and he could light up a room with a smile." orr's original life will be held on may 31st, one day before what would've been his 24th birthday. And 21-year-old kaila bearman can describe as an intelligent person who always had a positive outlook on life. In a post on facebook, berman's aunt said she was such a creative got beautiful young lady and such a beautiful soul. Are still finding it hard to imagine we lost her. The -- we love you and you will truly be missed. The loss of each victim will certainly impact the respective families and friends in different ways but one comments -- common denominator were all three of them is that they were described as having a bright future ahead of them, something that was tragically rubbed from them last weekend jack richardson, ctv news, brock powell. >> Kimberley: you tonight from the ob because they're asking anyone who might have video or information from the day of the book crash to contact them or crime stoppers in ctv ottawa has extended coverage of the --

>>> And I know on a disturbing story we brought used yesterday. Another woman is now facing animal cruelty challenges after gosling was stopped -- stomped to death. And have enjoyed the morning in the parking lot near hazel dean mora mother goose hedley her eggs in a planter box. Received the man stamped were on one of the schmick the 68-year-old has been charged with causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal. Is that has not -- name has not been released. The goose's parents and two surviving babies have safely been willing to do it home. >>> Pedestrian a vehicle last night in barrhaven has died from her injuries. The collisiotersection of cranford drive and local driver on 15:00. -- find a woman in cortical condition. She was brought to hospital but has sadly died. She has not been identified. Police are looking to speak with anyone who witnessed the collision or who has dashcam footage. >>> A man is in hospital with serious injuries after a shooting in the city's qist end. Heron road 9:40 n. Are building on -- laurent boulevard. >> Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: spart -- suffering from gunshot wounds their guns and gangs unit is investigating a shooting but there's no word on and you suspect or arrests. >>> Still to come, will check on pwhl and nhl playoff action tonight. And spending your vacation dollars closer to home. Ctv's teller fleming has more now canadians are opting to make memories on staycations as -- on short distance trips. Ask Bathroom Renovation Centre how to maximize your medicine cabinet storage space... while giving you maximum flexibility for tasks. Bathroom Renovation Centre has multiple sizes and styles sizes suit your space and needs. Get ready for an evening out with everything you need at your fingertips, close up tasks are easy with a quick mirror adjustment. Hair, make- up, everything... so easy, you'll be on your way. See you soon at The Bathroom Renovation Centre... from the start to completion, we do it all. 325 Simpson Street. - [Narrator] Imagine a knife taking this much abuse and didn't need sharpening. Introducing the incredible NutriBlade knives, coated with granite stone nonstick and made of stainless steel, one of the hardestsubstances on Earth. Now everyone can chop, slice and dice just like a pro. Order right now to get thisprofessional six-piece set of NutriBlades for just $29.95. We'll even shipthem to you free. Get your own NutriBlade knives. The last knives you'll ever buy. [ ] [ ]

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