'That is what City is all about'

BBC Radio Manchester presenter Natalie Pike has been discussing Bernardo Silva scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup semi-final on the We're Not Really Here podcast: "It was beautiful and it was really emotional.

"For it to be him [who scored] and then when he stood and tapped the badge and looked up at all the City fans, I was seriously welling up. Then at the end when him and Pep [Guardiola] hugged and you just knew, you knew what they were saying to each other and it was special.

"Proud is the word. I felt super proud of all of them because Wednesday night [against Real Madrid] was exhausting. It was draining and we had to put on a different type of performance and we were able to do that."

City Xtra's Ollie Lowe agreed and added: "Football is full of these storylines and that is what makes the game beautiful.

"There were a lot of fans who were feeling disappointed in Bernardo. Not because of the performance but just because of the way things happen in knockout competitions and penalty shootouts.

"But in a weird way it feeds into this weekend and it gives him that moment of appreciation towards the club, the support he felt from the fans after that miss and also his chance to say 'I love this city, I love this team'. You could see that just in his eyes and emotions after that goal.

"You felt like you were looking at a man who had given everything over 120 minutes in the week and then 90 gruelling minutes on Saturday. To be the one who got that goal, it was like a fairy tale. That is what football is all about and that is what City is all about."

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