Make Cinnamon Toast In Your Air Fryer And Thank Us Later

Cinnamon toast on a plate
Cinnamon toast on a plate - Bhofack2/Getty Images

When it comes to food, there are plenty of dishes out there that are a bit polarizing, but there are also a few that everyone seems to love, and one of those fan-favorites is cinnamon toast. Ok, maybe a few of you are not fans, but for the rest of us, that heavenly combination of warm, spiced, buttery goodness atop crisp, sliced triangles of toasty bread adds up to pure joy. It's easy to prepare for any home cook, and always wins big points when served to a groggy family just waking up on a Sunday morning.

But one kitchen appliance you may not have thought to prepare it in is your air fryer. While purists may scoff at using anything but a toaster or traditional oven, the air fryer brings a microwave-esque simplicity and speed to the process and unmatched results that blend the ingredients together in perfect harmony.

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Trust The Process

White air fryer on a countertop
White air fryer on a countertop - Hazal Ak/Shutterstock

Though the air fryer has become the "it" appliance of the last half-decade, it would be unfair to chalk it up to being a simple fad. In this case the hype is mostly deserved, as it has solved the sogginess issue that plagues so many microwave meals, as well as reducing the wait times of a conventional oven.

Moreover, with a traditional toaster-style cinnamon toast, you would apply your cinnamon butter after it's toasted, but with an air fryer your bread goes in pre-buttered, which makes for a more intensely flavored result. Plus, even if you opt for a regular oven, a normal batch of cinnamon toast will cook in ten minutes, while the air fryer version can bang it out in half that time with the same level of crispness and a gloriously caramelized exterior that would normally require a broiler.

To put together a basic batch, all you need is to mix up some pre-softened butter with sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Spread it on sliced whole wheat bread (white works too) and pop it in the air fryer for five minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. That's it.

Spicing Things Up

chocolate with red pepper star anise and cinnamon
chocolate with red pepper star anise and cinnamon - Seva_blsv/Shutterstock

A dish as simple as cinnamon toast still requires thought when it comes to ingredients. While most loaves will do, for that quintessential crisp texture, you'll want to avoid doughy breads like challah or brioche, which result in more of a French toast vibe. Strongly flavored breads like sourdough or rye aren't ideal either. You'll achieve the best results with a sturdy white or whole wheat from your local bakery, sliced to medium thickness.

What's topping the toast counts too, so consider spending a few bucks more on a more aromatic, high-quality cinnamon. Swapping in a rich Irish butter will yield better-tasting results. Speaking of butter, go with salted over unsalted, as it enhances the flavor in the same way a pinch of salt does in a great chocolate chip cookie recipe. Real vanilla extract is a slam dunk in any cinnamon toast recipe, but try a dash of almond or maple extract instead.

Perhaps the simplest way to add a touch of complexity without losing the plot entirely is to throw in a grind of black pepper, which brings a level of sophistication and boosts flavor when used sparingly. Same goes for nutmeg or star anise. To bring out the fiery side of the cinnamon, a touch of cayenne pepper goes a long way. And if you're looking to add to the dessert-like decadence of the whole experiment, a bit of cocoa powder and brown sugar takes things to the next level in an instant.

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