Ciara is ‘loving’ her postpartum body after losing 28 pounds: ‘I’m embracing every step’

Kerry Justich
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Ciara is focusing on weight and wellness goals with WW after having her third child in July. (Photo: Getty Images)
Ciara is focusing on weight and wellness goals with WW after having her third child in July. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ciara recently revealed that she’s lost 28 pounds since giving birth to her third child, Win Wilson, in July. But the 35-year-old singer and dancer tells Yahoo Life isn’t “stressing so much” about getting back to her base weight.

“I’m embracing every step. I’m loving my curves that I have with exactly where I am right now,” she says. “I’m still in my process to getting back to my base weight and I am feeling more confident than ever.”

The Level Up singer shared her weight loss journey in an Instagram post on Monday, writing that she’s “super proud” of how she’s starting the new year with WW. She even called the process of losing baby weight “easy, stress-free and fun.” Still, she explains, that it wasn’t that way after giving birth to her older children, Future Wilburn, 6, and Sienna Wilson, 3.

“I may have been more body-conscious post my two babies prior. Just with the process of getting back to my base weight, I was thinking more about it,” Ciara admits. “But after this baby and I think with the wisdom that life has given me and the experience that life has given me, I’m not stressing so much.”

She’s even learned to ignore unsolicited comments from people on social media regarding her parenting or postpartum appearance. “You just can't be worried about that,” she says, with years of experience being in the public eye under her belt. Instead, she’s set on focusing this particular time on herself and her family with husband Russell Wilson.

“My hands are really full because not only am I chasing my three-year-old and six-year-old around, I’m also still breastfeeding. So having that layer, it just eats up your time way differently. So I had to really work on prioritizing the time that I needed for myself in this new chapter of having three babies,” she explains. “Once I was able to do that, that was also game-changing.”

These days, Ciara’s “me time” is spent at the gym and eating the foods she loves. “There's self gratitude when you're taking care of yourself,” she says. “When you do that, you can be the best for your environment and your ecosystem.”

And although she admits that she’s been “working more in this era of quarantine than ever before,” Ciara encourages others to take life one day at a time.

“Don't be too hard on yourself,” she says. “It's okay not to always have a perfect performance every day.”

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