Is Churro the Pumpkin Spice of the Summer?

That cinnamon-laced fried dough goodness can be found in everything from ice cream to fries (really!).

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Churros definitely qualify as a perfect summer snack: The fried dough and sweet-and-spicy cinnamon sugar coating feel like the perfect thing to enjoy while walking down a beachy boardwalk or watching fireworks.

And clearly, everyone's excited about that churro flavor right now, with all sorts of food products available that embrace that cinnamon spice. So even if you don't feel like making your own churros (or tracking down some near you), you can get a little of that cinnamon churro goodness right at home. Could churro replace pumpkin spice in our hearts? The jury's still out, but the traditional Spanish dessert could definitely give the PSL a run for the money.

Here's where you can find churro-flavored (and scented!) products if you're ready to spice up your summer.

Churro-Flavored Coffees

Sugar and cinnamon meld perfectly with coffee—so it's no wonder that a bunch of coffee roasters and companies have rolled out churro-flavored coffee products to enjoy.

Copper Cow Churro Vietnamese Coffee

The pour-over favorite offers both a churro-flavored pour-over set and cinnamon-laced churro ground coffee.

International Delights Cinnamon Churro Creamer

Opt for a cinnamon-laced creamer instead of the coffee itself. This seems like it's the perfect addition to a summery iced coffee.

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Door County Churro Coffee

This limited edition flavor leaves the coffee brand in June—so stock up now!

Starbucks Coffee

Churro-Flavored Desserts

Ben & Jerry's Churray for Churro

Cinnamon ice cream with chunks of actual churro mixed in? Sign us up!

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Dairy Queen Churro Dip

The iconic DQ cone gets coated in a churro-flavored dip and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. (Perfect for a twist of chocolate and vanilla!)

Churro Kit Kats

The crunchy wafer candy has moved well beyond the basic milk-chocolate coating in recent years, and this limited edition version with a buttery, sugar coating just hit the shelves for summer.

Hammond's Cinnamon Churro Marshmallows

Spice up your next s'mores session this summer with cinnamon-laced marshmallows from the classic candy brand.

Talenti Salted Chocolate Churro Gelato

This pairings combo features half of a container of Belgian chocolate, and the other half a salted-caramel cinnamon combo filled with churro pieces.

Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche Churro Ice Cream

You can enjoy this combo of creamy dulce de leche and cinnamon—studded with churro chunks—in pint or bar form.

Other Churro-Flavored Goodies

You don't have to stick with desserts or dessert-like coffee for some churro excitement. Churro fries—or churro candles—anyone?

Burger King Churro Fries

No, they aren't adding cinnamon to their traditional french fries—these tasty treats are strips of deep-friend pastry dough laced with cinnamon and sugar. Right now, they're being tested in a few select locations—but expect a verdict (and perhaps some churro fries!) soon.

DW Home Churro Candle

Get the sweet smell of fried dough and cinnamon in this scented candle—and if you're a PSL and churro fan, they have a pumpkin churro candle available, too.

Krusteaz Churro-Flavored Waffle Mix

Cinnamon-laced waffles may be the closest you can get to homemade churros without requiring you to deep fry. This mix makes it easy to add that cinnamon churro flavor to your morning.

Gran Malo Churro-Flavored Tequila

The sugary-cinnamon churro flavor may be the perfect counterpoint to smoky tequila. We suggest using it in our gingery cider with tequila cocktail. (Cinnamon and apples? Yum!)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros Cereal

I mean, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is basically a churro in cereal form already–but this cereal actually offers it in mini churro form.

Boulevard Brewing Churro Grande Imperial Brown

Boulevard Brewing makes a cinnamon-laced brown ale with notes of bourbon.

Bath & Body Works Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla Candle

It may not say churro in the name, but this blend of cinnamon and vanilla scents pretty much captures the churro vibe.

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