Chuck Pagano delivers rambling 'Groundhog Day' rant to avoid addressing Colts' mental state

Shutdown Corner

When it comes to using cliches and meandering ramblings to deflect difficult questions from the media, few do it better than Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano.

With his team mired in the AFC South cellar at 3-8 and questions swirling around the franchise’s handling of star QB Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury, Pagano may have delivered his magnum opus on Monday.

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The mere suggestion from a reporter that the team’s repetitive struggles resemble the Bill Murray classic “Groundhog Day” sent Pagano into rare form, leading to a recap of major plot points from the movie that included a “Sonny and Cher” rendition and a rundown of several ways to kill one’s self.

He then moved deftly into a non-sequitur about an impending (non-existent) hurricane brewing off the coast of Africa traveling across the Atlantic to threaten the coast of Miami.

None of this making any sense? Well, you’ll just have to watch for yourself.

As for the master stroke from Monday’s press conference rant? Pagano delivered all of this without coming remotely close to answering the reporter’s question.

Bravo, Coach Pagano. Bravo.

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