Christie Brinkley Shows Off Toned Legs in Black Swimsuit Celebrating 70th Birthday

Christie Brinkley Shows Off Toned Legs in Black Swimsuit Celebrating 70th Birthday
  • Christie Brinkley posed in a black one-piece swimsuit to celebrate turning 70.

  • She captioned the post with an inspirational poem about aging.

  • Fans loved the photos and her message.

Christie Brinkley turned 70 on February 2, and she’s still celebrating. The former supermodel posed in a black one-piece to proclaim that she has “nothing to fear” about hitting the milestone birthday. In fact, she’s excited to see what the new decade will bring.

On Instagram, Brinkley posed in the one-piece, a long, white flowy cover-up, and oversized sunglasses in front of a pool, striking various sultry poses. Her caption took the form of an upbeat poem to share how she feels about aging, and her advice for others doing the same.

She wrote: “This is 70, and you’ve nothing to fear, Because you can make it your very own favorite year! It’s up to you, it’s in your power to choose to celebrate, instead of cower. You know what to do, Exercise and eat right, use your sunblock, and don’t sit under overhead lights! Be curious, explore, and go on adventures, just don’t forget, to pack your dentures.
Seriously, laugh and love with all your might …and I promise you 70 will be all right!”

Fans loved the encouraging message and the photos. “Absolutely beautiful 70 [is] the new 50. 🍾🥂🌹,” one person commented. “I love your poem!!!! Looking Fab at all ages Christie! What an inspiration you continue to be!!!” another added. “You’re making it easier for those of following in your footsteps 😍,” someone else wrote.

In a follow-up post, Brinkley shared that her kids, Jack and Sailor Brinkley, threw her a surprise birthday party. She shared blurry beach snaps from the night—evidence of a good time. “We dined and danced under the stars. It was some enchanted evening! ✨” she wrote.

Leading up to her birthday, Brinkley reflected on her 60s in preparation for her “sensational 70s,” as she called them. “Still have a few days left of my hot Sixties,” she wrote on Instagram. “But I already know it’s going to be a spectacular year! I know because that’s my plan and I’m old enough to know that it’s up to me to make sure of it!”

She continued: “I’ve had a lot of close calls and I feel lucky and grateful to be here, I just can’t believe that I got here so FAST! It speeds by so my advice to all you young-ins out there …Love, laugh, and LIVE IT UP!”

Happy Birthday, Christie!

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