Chris Martin, Billy Crystal make fun of themselves on 'Modern Family'

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On Wednesday’s episode of Modern Family, Chris Martin from Coldplay and Billy Crystal cameoed as themselves and took a couple light jabs at their public images.

Chris Martin gave Phil Dunphy a wardrobe tip and joked at his signature style: “Get a T-shirt. You put it on top of a long-sleeve, then it lets everybody know you own multiple shirts.”

While shopping for a house, Martin admitted he was “kind of flabbergasted that there’s no bubble machine.”

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After Phil fell ill with an infected testicle, Martin was too helpful and Phil asked him to leave. Dismayed, Martin admitted, “I’m a distraction. Everyone wants to say ‘hi’ or they want to take a picture or they want to sleep with me … And it’s a nightmare. It’s beginning to affect my creativity. The last song I wrote was about my helicopter. I was too ashamed to release it. I had to sell it to Qantas for $1 million.”

On the other hand, Crystal didn’t get the rock star treatment. He practically begged to be recognized at a diner. He spouted references to Saturday Night Live, City Slickers, and The Princess Bride but only got concerned looks from Gloria and Manny.

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