Chris Carpenter honours Roy Halladay in touching, enlightening video

Nick Ashbourne
·MLB Writer

For all his greatness, there’s so much we don’t know about Roy Halladay — primarily because he had no interest in broadcasting it.

Halladay kept his private life private — an increasingly unusual concept in this day and age — which is why hearing about the former Blue Jays and Phillies ace from those who knew him best is so enlightening.

One person that undoubtedly fits that description is longtime teammate and friend Chris Carpenter. Prior to Brandy Halladay’s moving speech for her late husband’s Hall of Fame induction, Carpenter was featured in a video about his teammate:

The video is well worth watching in its entirety, but here are a couple of highlights:

On an offseason trip:

One year we were going to go fishing in the middle of nowhere in Argentina. He called me before we went and he’s like, ‘What are you bringing?’ and I’m like ‘I’m bringing my stuff, my fishing gear, I’ll bring my glove in case’ because this is in December if he wanted to get going. He’s like ‘Can you bring some five-pound dumbbells so we can do some arm exercises and I’ll bring the TRX band.’ Next thing you know we’re in Argentina fishing and we’re running sprints and we’re doing our TRX workouts and playing catch and we’re doing all these things in between lunch and fishing and all this other stuff.

On Halladay’s journey:

It’s been a little bit overlooked how hard he had to work to go from the second start of his big-league career almost throwing a no-hitter to ending up in Single-A. He didn’t see that coming. Nobody wants to have it taken from you, but he had it taken from him. He could have packed his tent and went home or he could have fought and he fought.

On Halladay the man:

He was a great teammate, friend, dad, husband, son. You put all of those things together and you turn into not just a Hall of Fame pitcher, but a Hall of Fame man.

Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter have a long history together. (CP)
Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter have a long history together. (CP)

Some of those words may sound familiar or verge on platitude, but they appear to be true in Halladay’s case.

While it’s tragic that the legendary pitcher couldn’t speak for himself on Sunday, Carpenter was one of the best-qualified people on the planet to represent his friend.

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