Chiefs’ Travis Kelce explains how he pays tribute to his brother with jersey No. 87

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For the record, Travis and Jason Kelce are not fans of the nickname given to Super Bowl LVII.

“Appreciate you guys to call it the Kelce Bowl,” Travis Kelce said last week on the “New Heights” podcast. “But let’s focus on the Chiefs-Eagles, man.”

Nevertheless, one of the big stories this week is the first matchup of brothers in a Super Bowl (and how Mom is dealing with it).

NFL Films shared an interview with the brothers. In it, Travis Kelce, the Chiefs tight end, revealed he wears jersey No. 87 in honor of Jason, the Philadelphia Eagles center.

“It’s pretty incredible, I think, that both of us ended up making it here,” Jason said.

Travis added: “If there is a Kelce legacy, two brothers making it to the NFL, it all started in 1987 because this big guy was born in 1987.”

Travis Kelce’s jersey is frequently among the top 20 best sellers in the NFL, and his brother was touched to learn about the tribute.

Jason said: “It’s very cool, Trav. Unfortunately, I can’t wear 89.”

To which Travis replied: “You wouldn’t anyways.”

Jason then shared his thoughts on Travis’ success, as he’s become one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history.

“I love him and I’ve tried to be a good big brother. But I think Trav sometimes gives me a lot of credit, but I’m just so happy for everything that he’s done to get to where he’s at. Seeing him turn into the player and the man has just the ultimate feeling of like being proud.”

Travis shared the love, and got in one last dig at his big brother as they both seek a second Super Bowl ring.

“He’s paved the way,” Travis said, “I can’t thank him enough for doing that. I just hope he stays as happy as he is right now and that never changes for him, and that he only wins one Super Bowl and that I win the rest.”

Sounds just like a little brother, right?

This is a fun video.