Chiefs installed as heavy Super Bowl LVI favorites

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Super Bowl LV - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs hit a significant bump in the road Sunday night, but sportsbooks anticipate their march toward a dynasty revving back up in six months.

The Chiefs were installed as heavy favorites to win Super Bowl LVI by several sportsbooks before Sunday night, including being offered at +490 by FanDuel. Those odds didn't waver shortly after Kansas City was routed 31-9 in Super Bowl LV by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Chiefs are well ahead of the Bucs, Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers, who were all being offered at +1100 on Sunday night immediately after the game. That trio was followed by the Los Angeles Rams (+1200), who have acquired quarterback Matthew Stafford since losing to the Packers in the Divisional Playoffs.

The San Francisco 49ers are being offered at +1300 by FanDuel, with the Baltimore Ravens having the third-shortest odds among AFC teams at +1400.

DraftKings is offering the Chiefs at +550 to win Super Bowl LVI, followed by the Bucs and Packers at +900 and no other team listed with shorter odds than +1200 (Baltimore, Buffalo and the L.A. Rams). The sportsbook listed the 49ers at +1400.

The Lions, who acquired Jared Goff in the Stafford deal, are the longest shots at FanDuel at +12000. The next longest odds belong to four teams at +8000: the Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Washington Football Team. The WFT is coming off winning the NFC East, but enter the offseason with major questions about the team's quarterback situation for the 2021 season.

DraftKings is offering the Lions at +10000 along with the Houston Texans, who enter the offseason with franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson pushing to be traded.

Super Bowl LVI Odds (FanDuel):

Kansas City Chiefs: +490

Buffalo Bills: +1100

Green Bay Packers: +1100

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +1100

Los Angeles Rams: +1200

San Francisco 49ers: +1300

Baltimore Ravens: +1400

New Orleans Saints: +1900

Seattle Seahawks: +2000

Cleveland Browns: +2200

Tennessee Titans: +2700

Miami Dolphins: +2800

Indianapolis Colts: +2900

Los Angeles Chargers: +3100

Pittsburgh Steelers: +3100

Dallas Cowboys: +3300

New England Patriots: +3700

Arizona Cardinals: +4100

Minnesota Vikings: +4400

Atlanta Falcons: +5000

Carolina Panthers: +5000

Las Vegas Raiders: +5000

Philadelphia Eagles: +5000

Chicago Bears: +6000

New York Jets: +6500

Houston Texans: +7000

New York Giants: +7000

Cincinnati Bengals: +8000

Denver Broncos: +8000

Jacksonville Jaguars: +8000

Washington Football Team: +8000

Detroit Lions: +12000

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