Chicago PD's Marina Squerciati vacations with former co-star

marina squerciati, torrey devitto
Chicago PD star takes “trip of a lifetime"Timothy Hiatt - Getty Images

Chicago PD star Marina Squerciati and Chicago Med's Torrey DeVitto are currently on a 'trip of a lifetime'

The two actresses are currently travelling across Israel and have been keeping followers updated on their respective Instagram accounts, with snaps of sights and food from the Middle-Eastern country.

"Touring around Israel. A trip of a lifetime. Tel Aviv, Tsfat, Nazareth and more," DeVitto wrote on Instagram, alongside photos of the pair at various food markets and restaurants.

Squerciati shared a similar set of images to her own account, showing the pair enjoying the sights of coastal city Tel Aviv in the day and night-time.

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"Tel Aviv by day and night! Also, it appears I have a Torrey cuddling addiction, I will work to overcome this," she wrote, DeVitto referring to her as a "cuddle buddy" in the comments.

The actresses have both appeared in NBC's sister shows, with Squerciati currently starring as officer Kim Burgess in the Chicago-set police drama.

DeVitto had appeared in Chicago Med as Dr. Natalie Manning in the first six seasons before making her exit. She made a surprise, brief return during the season eight finale.

Both characters have made several crossover appearances in Chicago Fire, Med and PD.

marina squerciati, torrey devitto
Timothy Hiatt - Getty Images

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DeVitto's reappearance in Med coincided with her co-star Nick Gehlfuss' exit from the show. The episode saw Gehlfuss' character Dr Will Halstead hand in his resignation before leaving Chicago for good to reunite with Natalie and her son.

Speaking about her guest appearance and Gehlfuss' exit, the actress described it as a 'happy ever after' moment for the two characters.

"To be able to come back and give that to not just the viewers that love the show so much and really rooted for these characters, but also to give it to me and Nick, who really wanted this ending for our characters was really so beautiful," DeVitto said of the episode (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Chicago Med and Chicago PD air on NBC in the US, and on Sky Witness in the UK.

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