Chicago Fire Boss Previews Kara Killmer’s Final Season: ‘It’s a Rollercoaster’ for Sylvie Brett

We can now rule out two things when it comes to Kara Killmer’s forthcoming exit from Chicago Fire: Wednesday’s Season 12 premiere (NBC, 9/8c) will not be the actress’ final episode, and her swan-song arc as Sylvie Brett will not go according to the paramedic’s plan.

Last we saw Brett, she was on the cusp of adopting baby Julia and was being proposed to by on-and-off ex-boyfriend Matt Casey (played by Jesse Spencer), who got down on bended knee, diamond ring in hand. “Sylvie Brett, we were meant to be. Will you make me and three kids the luckiest family in the world? Will you marry me?” he asked.

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So does Killmer’s upcoming departure, which was announced last November, bode well for Brett accepting Casey’s proposal and riding off into the sunset to Portland, where Casey currently resides?

“You got to tune in to find out!” showrunner Andrea Newman hedges. “But I’ll say that she has a lot of plans in place when we see her in the premiere, and everything does not, of course, go exactly according to her plans as much as she’d like them to.”

The season opener picks up six months after last year’s finale, and even if Brett said “yes” to Casey in that time, she won’t leave behind Firehouse 51 right away.

“[Kara is] in a good chunk of the season,” Newman reveals, adding that “it’s a rollercoaster for [Brett] this season.”

“She’s got a lot of big action, actually, this year, and she’s making lots of plans that keep having wrenches thrown at them,” Newman continues. “So she’s readjusting on the fly. But she’s got a lot of great hero stuff this season.”

Chicago Fire Season 12
Chicago Fire Season 12

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And with a possible engagement in the cards for Brett, viewers can also expect to see Spencer again on the show.

“We adore Matt Casey. He is definitely an integral part of 51. There’s a line from Boden in the premiere, which is, ‘Once you’re a part of 51, you’re always a part of 51.’ So he’ll still be present,” Newman says.

Chicago Fire fans, hit the comments with your hopes for Brett’s final season!

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