Check Out the Illustration Rare Cards From 'Pokémon TCG: Temporal Forces'

It's only March and The Pokémon Company has already treated fans of the Pokémon TCG to a second set release, following the shiny Pokémon-themed Pokémon TCG: Paldean Fates from late January. Now, another batch of over 200 cards has hit the market with the release of Pokémon TCG: Temporal Forces -- continuing the game's Pokémon Scarlet and Violet series.

In celebration of the set's launch, a complete card list of what to expect from Temporal Forces has been shared. Per usual, illustration rare cards serve as highlights, with artists tapping into a myriad of different styles and themes throughout. Notables start with the combined art of Deerling and Sawsbuck across their two cards, celebrating the seasons that determine their forms. On top of this, new Paradox Pokémon from The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk also make an appearance, seeing both the legendary beasts and swords of justice in their ancient and future forms respectively. Rounding things out, various trainer cards feature familiar faces from across the Pokémon franchise.

Pokémon TCG: Temporal Forces is available now via the Pokémon Center, select retailers and local card shops with packs available individually and via thematic boxes, bundles and collections. For a complete breakdown of every card included in the new set, be sure to check out the official card gallery.