Chase Utley let loose at first base and tried the hidden ball trick

Veteran players may be the wizened sages of the clubhouse, but even they like to have fun sometimes. Chase Utley, the backup second baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is the perfect example. He’s been in the majors for 15 years, and he’s normally all business, all the time. But during Wednesday’s game between the Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Pirates, when he was making a rare start at first base, he let loose just a little bit.

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In the third inning, Pirates third baseman Josh Harrison singled and started to take a lead off third base. Dodgers starter Kenta Maeda threw over a few times to keep Harrison close, and on one of those throws, Utley decided to air out the oldest baseball trick in the book.

After tagging Harrison, Utley mimed throwing the ball back to Maeda. But the ball was still in his hand, and he tagged Harrison lightly on the stomach. Of course, Harrison was standing right on first base, so Utley knew there was no chance it would work.

Chase Utley tries the hidden ball trick on Josh Harrison. (MLB.TV)
Chase Utley tries the hidden ball trick on Josh Harrison. (MLB.TV)

But the point was to have a laugh, not to actually get an out. Josh Harrison was highly entertained by the whole thing, flashing his million dollar smile after Utley tagged him. And Utley made a bunch of weird, fun faces as he made the tag and the subsequent throw back to Maeda.

Chase Utley is known as a stoic veteran, but this definitively proves that even he likes to have fun playing baseball.

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