Charles Barkley doesn't think vegetarians are real, which sounds about right

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Charles Barkley would like two tri-tips. So six tips, total. And a Diet Coke. (Getty)
Charles Barkley would like two tri-tips. So six tips, total. And a Diet Coke. (Getty)

Here’s noted sound-generator Charles Barkley, talking to colleague Ernie Johnson during TNT’s pregame show before the Golden State Warriors took on the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night:

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[Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge] is a terrific player, but he’s one of those guys who makes me nervous. I don’t like people who don’t get mad, Ernie. I don’t trust people — like, vegetarians. That’s not a thing. Everybody likes meat. But I don’t like people — it’s not a thing, Ernie. Just because they say it doesn’t make it true.

Charles Barkley is very, very, very, very, very, very wrong! Many people are not vegetarian or vegan, of course, but — and here’s the thing — just because something is not true for Charles Barkley, that does not mean it is not true for any (or even many!) other people. There is a whole rest of the world out there that exists outside our specific experiences, and it is within our purview as human people to consider that we, as individuals, do not make up the totality of reality. It is possible for us to think and act as if the rest of the world does exist. No, seriously!

We will now allow you some time to catch your breath, regain your bearings and adjust to a new reality in which Charles Barkley isn’t right about something he said loudly on television. It won’t be easy, I know, but be patient with yourself. You’ll get there.

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