Chaos ensues as good soccer dog causes 7-minute delay

A dog runs wild at a Northern Premier soccer match. (Screen grab via YouTube)

This dog was not cool with being just a spectator.

An aspiring soccer pooch took the field during a Northern Premier match in Halesowen, England on Saturday, causing it to be stopped for over seven minutes as the determined K9 made its way around the pitch with speed, agility and the precision of a chiseled veteran.

Officials and players from both Halesowen Town and Skelmersdale United tried numerous tactics to stop the athletic pooch and lead him off the field. They chased, called and even tried to bribe the dog with food presented by a young child, but were unsuccessful in their initial attempts to restore order to the match.

The saga finally ended when the four-legged speedster decided it had enough—walking off the field and returning to doing, you know, dog things. No word yet if England’s newest star on the pitch will be making another appearance anytime soon.