Channing Tatum Reveals That Jenna Dewan Tatum Knew He Was the One First

Channing Tatum is revealing the moment he fell in love with his wife, Jenna, to Cosmopolitan. The couple met on the set of Step Up, and Channing told the magazine: “Our connection was really powerful, but I wasn’t sure what our relationship was going to be.” But that eventually changed. According to Channing, “One day, Jenna just blurted out that she knew exactly what she wanted in life and she didn’t have to look for it anymore because it was me.”

Channing continued talking about this moment and Jenna’s confidence, saying, “She had no idea what I’d say or how I’d react, but that was her truth. … It was the sexiest thing she’d ever done for me. I felt strength, because in that moment, she had accepted every part of me, the good and the bad. That radical authenticity of hers was what made me fall head over heels in love.”

But Jenna had quite a different take on how they ended up falling for each other, as she told Ellen last month. “[Channing] had gone out with all the dancers on Step Up, and he had this crazy, wild tequila night. He said he had the chance ‘to be free’ and he couldn’t stop thinking about me. So he comes down to my hotel room at two in the morning, and he’s banging on the door, and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ So I go and open the door, and he’s in a sombrero, underwear, Ugg boots, and he’s like, ‘Let’s do this.’”

Channing continued telling Cosmopolitan about how Jenna’s confidence is what he wants for their daughter, Everly.  He said, “That’s what I want for my daughter — to be expectation-less with her love and not allow preconceived standards to affect her, to ask herself what she wants and feel empowered enough to act on it.”

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