Champion beer chugger Tom Brady does have one loss in competition

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Rich Ohrnberger didn’t see the field a lot during his time with the New England Patriots – the team drafted him in the fourth round in 2009 and the guard played in just five games over two seasons with New England – but as we recall, what he lacked in playing time he made up for in comedic timing.

Now co-host of “The Mark and Rich Show” on San Diego sports radio station XTRA 1360 and the color analyst for San Diego State football, Ohrnberger found himself inspired by Tom Brady’s impressive beer-chugging on Monday night’s “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, and took to Twitter to share a story.

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While it comes as a surprise to many that Brady, whose highly-restrictive diet is frequently the butt of jokes, can down a glass of beer in the blink of an eye, Ohrnberger has seen Brady’s prowess first-hand – though he can claim that he’s even better than the future Hall of Famer at this one particular skill.

Former New England Patriots OL Rich Ohrnberger recalled the day he beat Tom Brady in a beer-chugging contest. (AP)
Former New England Patriots OL Rich Ohrnberger recalled the day he beat Tom Brady in a beer-chugging contest. (AP)

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“Tom Brady chugging beer story…,” Ohrnberger’s Twitter thread begins.

He sets the scene: on the day after Christmas in 2010, the Patriots beat the Bills in Buffalo, 34-3, clinching the AFC East. The game was so out of hand that it was one of the “rare occasions” that Ohrnberger got some snaps.

In the locker room after the win, the team learned that they wouldn’t be flying home right away – heavy snow in the Boston area meant planes couldn’t land at area airports, and because of the holiday and Patriots fans in town for the game, there weren’t any hotel rooms available in Buffalo.

So the Patriots had to go to Rochester, N.Y., and when they arrived, Matt Light (“OT/instigator/social butterfly,” as Ohrnberger calls him) gets the offensive line together to go to locally famous Dinosaur BBQ. Ribs, wings, other meats and of course beer are ordered.

“Within an hour or two of being there, and many pitchers down… the challenges began,” Ohrnberger writes. “ For those who don’t know me… I can throw a beer down in nanoseconds. It’s a gift and a curse. …Glasses were filled, glasses were emptied (quickly)… the challengers list grew steadily through the night.. I was untouchable. Then, Matt Light began speaking of a man, the G.O.A.T. … He said, Tom Brady was unbeatable… he would be arriving soon…

Enter Brady. He was greeted with high fives and hugs… but in typical Tom Brady form, he knew there was work to be done before the fun could continue. We locked eyes, he spoke two words, “You ready?” The beers were poured…

“‘Go!!!!!!’ Bottoms up. Glasses slam down in cacophonous synchronicity… however, one glass touched first… Arms raised over my head, cheers raining down, my glass wobbled to a stop, our eyes met, mine filled with wonderment and shock, his with fire and confusion…

I beat …Tom Brady. He nodded approvingly, and although I couldn’t hear him say it over the cheers… his lips read “Okay….ok.” He reached across the beer soaked table top, scattered with wing bones and assorted detritus, and shook my hand. I BEAT TOM BRADY…

The night resumed. We laughed. We celebrated. We drank. We ate. We left. I slept well that night in Rochester… …the sleep of a champion. #GOAT”.

Ohrnberger also told the story during Tuesday afternoon’s “Mark and Rich Show” (click here) in case you want to hear it embellished – and it’s even funnier listening to Ohrnberger tell the story.

There aren’t a lot of people who can claim supremacy over Brady in something, especially not over the last 15 years or so, but on one glorious night in Rochester, N.Y., a reserve offensive linemen out-chugged the man once thought to be the chugging champion.

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