Boston Celtics fan has Kyrie Irving's likeness shaved into the back of his head

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Meet Kyrie-Kuato.
Meet Kyrie-Kuato.

Kyrie Irving is making a bad impression on the youth for a reason beyond his asinine flat earth theories or the Uncle Drew movie. One enterprising young Boston Celtics fan presumably went to his barber with a head shot of Irving, asked him to shave that likeness into the back of his head and was captured by cameras during Boston’s matchup with the Memphis Grizzlies.

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It’s always disconcerting to have the face of of a public figure staring at you from the back of someone’s head. There’s also something about the way Irving’s likeness captures Kyrie’s smug glare, while piercing your soul that’s unnerving. It doesn’t make sense, but Kyrie-Kuato feels like a psychically entity urging you to “open your mind.”

It’s unclear how Irving would respond to his image appearing on a round surface, but we can assume he’d appreciate the homage.

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