Celtics defeat Mavericks in NBA Finals: What should fantasy basketball fans look forward to from both teams?

The Boston Celtics are finally raising their 18th banner after a season of unparalleled dominance. Their 16-3 record in the postseason was the 10th-highest winning percentage in NBA Playoff history. And let's not overlook having the best record in the regular season. Regardless of your perspective on their path to get there, they executed at a high level to secure their first title since 2008.

And they're not about to fade into the background; the East runs through Boston.

The Celtics' starting lineup is a rare gem from a fantasy standpoint. Unlike many teams, all their starters have the potential to finish within the top 80 in fantasy. Jayson Tatum, a perennial first-rounder, is a reliable choice because of his availability and top-tier production. Kristaps Porziņģis and Derrick White's three-point shooting and defense elevate them to third- and fourth-rounders. It might sound crazy to give White that type of regard, but he's earned it, and the hefty bag coming his way.

Finals MVP Jaylen Brown is interesting because, while he's typically a fourth-round guy, his free-throw shooting and turnovers drive his value down a bit. He also took fewer shots this year, with more talent surrounding him. Still, we'll see a better version of him after he put up the best postseason numbers of his career. Making an All-Defensive team is next on his hit list, and I'll likely pick him earlier than usual because of it.

Jrue Holiday sacrificed the most production-wise this season, and I'd expect his draft capital to tumble. He's still an effective fantasy player who offers a mix of assists, stocks and threes with strong shooting splits whom you can get for an attractive price. Al Horford is a reliable insurance policy for Porziņģis, so he'll again hold some value in the later rounds of drafts.

Boston has the perfect blend of youth, experience and star power, and they're at the top of the totem pole because of it.

The Dallas Mavericks underwent a surprising transformation post-All-Star break, emerging as a success story. Their savvy trades for Daniel Gafford and P.J. Washington at the deadline marked a shift in their identity, with a newfound commitment to defense. While they couldn't overcome the Celtics, it's clear they have the potential to return to this stage. Led by the dynamic backcourt duo of Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving, a few tweaks to the roster could get them back into the title contention.

With Dončić and Irving being so ball-dominant, it limits the potential fantasy production from the supporting cast. While Gafford defied expectations by finishing inside the top 40 in category formats, Dereck Lively proved to be the more versatile frontcourt option as Dallas moved deeper into the playoffs. Being Luka's preferred pick-and-roll lob threat certainly has its perks, but Gafford will likely be over-drafted because of his career year.

I'm more excited about what Dereck Lively offers, and as a rookie, there's a ton of upside given his skillset and tutelage from Tyson Chandler. Washington's stock remains relatively unchanged as a 10th-round player who will be a good source of threes and stocks.

Regarding what can change, I'd like to see the Mavs get in the Klay Thompson sweepstakes because they could use another 3-point shooter in what became a stagnant offense in the NBA Finals. A cheaper version could be Buddy Hield. Or, pull off a sign-and-trade for a premier 3-and-D wing like Pascal Siakam or Paul George. If you miss out on them, make a play for OG Anunoby or Miles Bridges.

Dallas has options and some bench depth to trade off in getting this squad back to the Finals.