Celebs Can't Stop Wearing This Surprising Color That'll Be Big for Fall 2023

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It's the opposite of quiet luxury.

Fun fact: I love lemons. As much as you might cringe at this, I actually enjoy eating lemon slices. The sourness is ultra refreshing and so yummy, and knowing this, the rest of what I’m about to say shouldn't come as a surprise. I love lemon pie, lemonade, lemon pasta, limoncello… you name the lemony thing, I’ll have it any day.

That said, I’m also a big fan of the actual lemon hue, aka yellow — and even though I don’t wear it all too often, simply because I tend to prefer my classic neutrals over poppier shades, I think I’ve officially been converted into a color person (gasp, I know!). First, it was kelly green that caught my eye, but now as we enter fall 2023, I’m seeing so much yellow, it’s simply impossible to not incorporate lemon into my fashion palette, as well. In fact, celebs are already doing it, so I might as well, too.

Cariuma Oca Low Sneaker




J.Crew Gwyneth Slip Skirt




First, it was Selena Gomez in a limoncello dress. Soon after, I saw Jennifer Lopez in a super baggy shift maxi that had vacation vibes written all over it. And finally, Eva Longoria was the (lemon) icing on the cake, who proved the in-your-face shade can be suitable for the red carpet. Clearly, this demonstrates any and all shades of lemon have some serious range — just as actual lemons do, which can be incorporated into just about everything. Cuisine! Perfumes! Soaps! Drinks! Nails! There’s just something about lemon that’s making people clamor to the hue.

The shade certainly aligns with the concept of dopamine dressing, which was all the rage this summer and will continue to be at the forefront of fall 2023 fashion. If you’re not familiar with this term, it basically refers to people wearing clothes that can activate the release of dopamine, which is the feel-good chemical in our systems (TL;DR? Happy colors you can’t help but smile at).

The bright, in-your-face hue is a no-brainer for the darker days ahead, right? Right. It provides a much-needed dose of vitamin D come winter, and TBH, the shade looks great in every form, whether that’s a cozy sweater you’ll be cuddled up in all season, a chic dress you can gunge up with motorcycle boots, or a pair of poppy yellow boots that are basically sunshine in shoe form.

There are big things in store for yellow in fall (and winter) 2023, and once you take a bite into the lemony shade, you won’t be able to wear anything else. Shop some more of the lemon meringue hue, below.

Topshop Panelled Maxi Dress





Mother the Wide Sleeve Cable Knit Sweater





Coach Polished Pebble Leather Crossbody Bag




J.Crew Carolyn Slip Dress




Madewell the Selina Tall Boot





Nadaam Luxe Cashmere Oversized Crew Neck Sweater




Meshki Nadi Maxi Satin Dress




Farm Rio Puff-Sleeve Cutout Linen Dress




Mother the Sunburst Cotton Voile Shirt





Eileen Fisher Stripe Organic Cotton A-Line Skirt




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