How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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And just like that, Valentine’s Day 2024 is nearly here. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, the holiday is a good reminder of the love we have in our lives, romantic or otherwise.

Valentine’s Day lands in the midst of Aquarius season, helping to break up the monotony of winter and inject a sense of fresh, vibrant energy into our lives. But to truly enjoy this day to the fullest, I recommend basing your day on your sign (or your partner’s sign).

As mentioned, Valentine’s Day is during Aquarius season, and although Aquarians can have a rep for being emotionally detached, they are fixed signs, meaning that they excel when they are in solid relationships of all kinds. Whatever your sign, understanding your needs (and your partner’s needs) when it comes to love is a surefire way to take full advantage of this holiday. With the sun, Mars, and Pluto all in Aquarius by the time February 14 arrives, it’s important to see how this eccentric energy will interact with your sign.

That being said, don’t fret about figuring that out on your own. I am here to give you the inside scoop on what each zodiac sign can expect and benefit from this Valentine’s Day. Read on, and be sure to look at your sun, rising, and Venus signs in order to get the most accurate reading.


Aries, you might feel you are too busy to slow down and enjoy Valentine’s Day this year, but it’s important for you to figure out balance. Use this time to share your talents with your lover, or with the rest of the world if you’re single. Host a class, share a project you’ve been working on, put together a presentation about all of your progress over the last year (or 10), and don’t be afraid to brag! You will realize that true love comes from honoring yourself above all else this year. Be sure that if you’re spending time with someone, they’re on the same page and ready to shout their love for you from the rooftops.

A gift idea for Aries: In order to be the main character, Aries has to feel like the main character. Try an at-home manicure set from Olive & June to upgrade your nails and make a great first impression that changes to match your outfit (or mood). Best of all? This set is cheaper than a trip to the salon.

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A date idea for Aries: Aries babes are fun and fearless members of the zodiac, and they thrive in unexpected situations. A surprise trip away, a night of bowling, or going to a dance class are all great ways to get their heart racing.

A trip idea for Aries: For Aries, heading somewhere lively is key to keeping their (somewhat fleeting) attention. They are adventurous and like to feel a rush of excitement wherever they go. New Orleans is a perfect getaway place for these fiery rams. The LOA Bar in the lobby of the International House hotel is led by an internationally recognized bartender, bringing the spirit to spirits. Not to mention, the streets are always lined with musicians, performers, and other curious travelers to connect with.


If you’re a Taurus or are dating a Taurus, Valentine’s Day 2024 is all about feeling luxurious and tended to. If you are a single Taurus, try to romanticize your day. Wake up early, make your favorite breakfast and morning beverage, take a long walk, indulge in an everything shower, and say “no” to plans or obligations that don’t excite you and, honestly, could wait until tomorrow. However, if you're with a Taurus, this is a great time to spoil them beyond belief. You don’t have to break the bank to make them feel important, but recognize that whatever you invest in a Taurus (time, money, energy) will come back to you tenfold.

A gift idea for Taurus: Tauruses love things that are as functional as they are chic. Try some gorgeous gemlike containers from Pattern, or a waffle-knit robe that will last them a lifetime. This way, they will think of you every time they go to use their new gift.

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A date idea for Taurus: Some people describe Tauruses as stubborn, but aligning with their nature (rather than fighting against it) is a great way to win them over. Try a picnic in the park, but instead of leaving the choices up to them, plan where you’re going, what snacks you’re bringing, and what time you’ll be there to pick them up. They love to relax and get out of their heads during a date, so planning things for them will help them to fully unwind.

A trip idea for Taurus: Tauruses are extremely intentional and enjoy doing things that heighten their five senses. Taking them for a coastal drive or a weekend stay in a boutique hotel (like Timber Cove Resort in Jenner, California) will leave you doing more than just sleeping in your cozy hotel bed. If you’re open to it, maybe throw in a wine tasting or a nice charcuterie board while you’re at it.


There are few things that Geminis enjoy more than time to chat with the person they love. But they also want to make sure that the stories, theories, and insights that they’re sharing with you aren’t going unnoticed. Surprising them with a thoughtful date and gift combo is a great way to stand out from the crowd of suitors that trail behind a Gemini.

A gift idea for Gemini: Geminis are known for being flirtatious and slow to commit, but they truly just want to know whether or not this the real deal. Making them a handwritten card with old movie ticket stubs, a box of matches from the first restaurant that you went to together, and a necklace with their zodiac sign engraved onto it shows that you're listening.

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A date idea for Gemini: Geminis are curious and intellectual folks, they like to go somewhere that stimulates their mind and keeps them excited about what’s next. Heading to a speakeasy or a jazz bar is a great way to let them get lost in the moment. Meanwhile, you can stare in amazement at your date who never fails to keep you on your toes.

A trip idea for Gemini: If there’s any sign that’s up for a change of scenery, it’s Gemini! With several locations to choose from across the continental US, Getaway House is a great option for your flexible Gemini. They love duality and thrive in polarity, making glamping a great option for each side of their personality to feel excited about a trip away.


Cancers are deeply romantic and sentimental, and like to feel seen and understood. There is no better time than a holiday centered around love to light up their heart and take a trip down memory lane. Whether you’re a Cancer yourself or coupled up with a Cancer, you can benefit by picking favorites. Favorite food, favorite outfit, favorite place, favorite bedtime—take all of these into consideration when planning the day. Cancers do such a good job at taking care of everyone else; this is a great opportunity for them to be taken care of.

A gift idea for Cancer: Cancer naturally rules the fourth house of home and family in astrology, and what better way to amplify this homey energy than redecorating your bedroom? New bedding will help them spend every night feeling loved and supported. We spend more than a third of our life in bed, so why not make it a special experience?

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A date idea for Cancer: The best way to spend a special evening with a Cancer is to go to a full-service restaurant where they can feel comforted—and to get them back home at a reasonable hour. Be cognizant of their sleep schedule as well as their preferred mode of transport, and try to find a restaurant that’s convenient for them on both counts. And if you’re a single Cancer, don’t be afraid to dine out for one; grabbing a seat at a swanky local bar, equipped with a full menu, and making conversation with the bartender is a great way to make yourself feel at home, away from home.

A trip idea for Cancer: It might be hard to get your Cancer to leave home and ditch their routine for a few days. However, spending time in a quiet city like Sedona and booking a room at L’Auberge de Sedona would be the perfect way to unplug and unwind for your homebody. With creekside views, an on-site spa, and daily activities to help you relax, a weekend away at a resort will make resting feel easier done than said.


Leos are performative and generous, and when you are coupled up with one, it may feel as if you’re always being “outdone” by their displays of love. However, they are secret softies and would much rather believe you are enjoying yourself than worry you’re competing with them for the trophy of “who did Valentine’s Day best.” Try to be complimentary, take photos with them over a candlelight dinner, and wax poetic about how much they mean to you. Oh, and if you are a single Leo: This will be a great day to take a killer OOTD pic in your (definitely awesome) outfit before going out.

A gift idea for Leo: Leos are much more sensitive than they let on. Getting them a gift that reminds them of how loved (and admired) they are is a great way to stroke their ego and simultaneously burst their heart. Try a custom jigsaw puzzle with a cute photo for maximum points.

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A date idea for Leo: Leo is one for a night out on the town. Think karaoke, a night out dancing, or to a concert where they can belt out the lyrics and sing along with their favorite artist. They like to see and be seen, so try to make it happen for them. If you are a single Leo, try calling up some of your friends and making a scene at a rooftop bar.

A trip idea for Leo: There’s nothing better for Leos than to be able to walk around a new place, spend time moving their body, and enjoy a good meal. Take them to a beachside town like Sayulita, Mexico, to enjoy great food, the sea, and sandy strolls. Try staying at the Don Bonito hotel if you want daily yoga classes and a cafe just steps away from your room each morning.


Virgos are often known for taking care of everything and everyone but themselves. They are natural-born healers but have a hard time receiving the same love and attention that they give to everything else. Try to remind them how lucky you feel to spend time with them and reaffirm to them that they are the star of the show tonight.

A gift idea for Virgo: Virgos often struggle to splurge on themselves, so Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to upgrade some of their everyday items for them. Perhaps a new perfume, or an elevated alarm clock. This way they are starting each day in luxury while also thinking about the person who gifted it to them.

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A date idea for Virgo: If you are partnered with a Virgo, try to lessen their mental load by planning out a special and seamless evening with them, moment by moment. When you pick them up, have their favorite flowers and candies in the passenger seat, and don’t be afraid to book a thoughtful surprise for after dinner (like a stroll in their favorite park or drinks at a bar they’ve been dying to check out). If you are a single Virgo, make the night all about checking off bucket list items—try taking yourself to a show, museum, restaurant, or all of the above.

A trip idea for Virgo: Virgos are the sign that rules over physical health, routines, and well-being. There’s nowhere better suited for them than a wellness retreat like Civana. Give them the opportunity to unplug, sleep in, take yoga classes, or enjoy a spa so that Virgo how much you care for them and consider their needs too.


Libra is the natural ruler of the seventh house of love and partnerships. What better sign for you to celebrate the holiday of love with? If you are a Libra, or lucky enough to be with a Libra, use this holiday to spoil them rotten. Libras are ruled by Venus (the planet of love and beauty) and they yearn for beautiful, thoughtful, romantic displays of affection. A handwritten love letter and session of decorating heart-shaped cookies would make them as happy as a clam. There is nothing too cheesy for a Libra—especially not on Valentine’s Day.

A gift idea for Libra: After a day filled with exciting activities and joyous moments, Libra is going to want to get their beauty rest. Try gifting them with luxurious skin care like Osea Glow to Sleep Kit to help them feel rejuvenated for the day after. They will love the feeling of looking refreshed and vibrant on February 15.

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A date idea for Libra: Libra would be most happy to spend the night in with a fun new recipe to try out. If you are coupled with a Libra, be sure to put on your chef’s hat and apron (and get ready to do the dishes too). This is meant to be a special night to spoil the one you love, so let Libra sit back, relax, and fill up on a delicious home-cooked meal! If you are a single Libra, order takeout from your favorite place and turn on a feel-good movie. Let the day be a day of laughter and ease, and say yes to the extra cheese, please.

A trip idea for Libra: Taking Libra somewhere “aesthetic” is key. Consider somewhere like Aspen to get outdoors, take some Instagram-worthy photos, and try a new restaurant or a few apres-ski cocktails together.


Scorpios are passionate lovers and desire a sense of togetherness and obsession in their relationships. Valentine’s Day is no different. Even if they try to tell you that the holiday of love is too corny for them, deep inside is Scorpio’s inner child screaming out “more cuddles, more affection, more love!” If you are a single Scorpio, this is really the night to go all out on learning about the current version of you.

A gift idea for Scorpio: The best gift for Scorpio is going to rely entirely upon who they are, what they like, and what they’ve mentioned to you that they really need. For some it might be something pragmatic like an annual subscription to their favorite newsletter or news outlet, or it might be a bit more personal and exciting like an in-depth discovery set like Taschen’s The Tarot of A.E. Wait and P. Colman Smith.

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A date idea for Scorpio: Scorpios want to hide out with their lover and intertwine with them. A great date night for them might look like a leisurely, languid dinner in a dimly lit restaurant or going on a long, secluded hike with a phenomenal view. Whatever you are doing, be sure to keep all of your attention on them and them alone. As a single Scorpio, you might benefit from putting yourself out there and grabbing a drink at a swanky hotel bar; you never know who you might meet.

A trip idea for Scorpio: A great trip for Scorpio to an island getaway that offers privacy, excitement, and great views. Try somewhere like Majorca, Puerto Rico, or the Bahamas this year to celebrate your sultry sweetheart.


Sagittarians are a funny bunch that enjoy making other people laugh and feel at ease. However, Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate how much love and laughter they bring into your life. Try taking them to a restaurant with cuisine they’ve never had, or going to a part of town they have yet to explore. They are naturally curious and optimistic, and can make the best out of a new situation, so be sure to put them in the way of something they’ve never done or seen before.

A gift idea for Sagittarius: They’re the philosophers of the zodiac, so signing them up for a cooking class or getting them a membership to a course they’ve been wanting to try would be an incredible way to align with their curious energy. Have they discussed taking guitar lessons or learning a new language? Book them their first study session!

Individual Membership

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A date idea for Sagittarius: Taking a Sagittarius to see a live performance is a great way to get them in the mood to laugh (and then some). They love to see comedians, musicians, and plays, so start looking for tickets now.

A trip idea for Sagittarius: How about a Valentine’s weekend stay in the desert? Staying the weekend at The Four Seasons Scottsdale and taking a hot-air balloon ride with hot-air expeditions would be a perfect way to celebrate a youthful and adventurous Sag.


Capricorns often need encouragement to come out of their shells and express their true emotions. Give them reassurance as you spend the night exploring who they are at their core and getting to know them beyond the rough exterior that they show the rest of the world.

A gift idea for Capricorn: Although Capricorns can seem rigid, they are the sister sign to sensitive water sign Cancer, meaning that their insides are just as ooey-gooey under their tough, earthen exteriors. Making a Capricorn feel seen rather than judged for their desire to upgrade and ascend is a perfect way to help them unwind. Try this money tree on for size to remind them that they can be both a boss and a caregiver, all at once.

Say It Do It Card Game

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A date idea for Capricorn: A night in with a fun but challenging card game like Say It Do It is a great way to make a hardworking Cap step out of their comfort zone. They like to feel encouraged to be more authentic and free, and what better way than giving them the floor to share and open up, just you two?

A trip idea for Capricorn: Capricorns are cardinal earth signs, meaning that they not only like to be right, but they like to be leaders. They want to explore places that haven’t yet been overrun with tourists and Instagram posts. Traveling down to Oaxaca City and staying in the architecturally stunning Hotel Sin Nombre is a perfect blend of the finer things while truly being a “hidden gem.”


On Valentine’s Day, Aquarians all over the world are celebrating their solar return (or birthday) season while also sharing the limelight with Cupid. It would do their partners well to make both the holiday of love and their birthday separate and important celebrations. If you yourself are an Aquarius, try to wrangle in your closest people for an intimate dinner filled with heart-shaped sweet treats and a moment where everyone shares the story of how you met and one thing that they love about you.

A gift idea for Aquarius: It’s important to note that there should be two very separate gifts—one for their birthday and one for Valentine’s Day. Don’t even put them in the same bag or wrapping paper! Some signs may be okay with that (…or would they?), but not Aquarius. Two ideas I’d recommend? These heart-shaped stud earrings and a delish celebration cake.

Crazy in Love Heart Studs

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Vanilla Celebration Cake

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A date idea for Aquarius: For Valentine’s Day, connect the dots for your airy Aquarius and bring all of their favorite people together in one room. Maybe throw a surprise party or cocktail hour after an intimate dinner just you two—what better way to get the best of both worlds?

A trip idea for Aquarius: Try taking your quirky Aquarius somewhere that feels out of this world. Have they ever seen whales in real life? If not, taking a cruise to Alaska might be a perfect way to remind them that the world is not entirely mundane and boring—even if it seems that way sometimes.


Without fail, Pisces has one of the most romantic hearts in the zodiac. They offer the world so much tender loving care that it can sometimes overwhelm them with how much love they have in their hearts. A great way to calm this feeling is to give them healthy outlets—like painting, poetry writing, a good cry to their favorite rom-com, or even a night of being showered with love and affection. It doesn’t take much to get their ticker beating!

A gift idea for Pisces: Pisces naturally rules over ankles and feet, and they would feel deeply understood to have you surprise them with a pair of heels, boots, or fun shoes that they’ve been eyeing for a while. PS: Don’t forget to slip your Pisces lover a little love note inside of the shoe box to remind them of how special they are to you.

Larroude Miso Platform Mules

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A date idea for Pisces: Why not go all out this year? Setting up dozens of candles, lining the hallways with roses, and having a home-cooked meal ready for them when they arrive will remind them that romance is, most certainly, not dead.

A trip idea for Pisces: Being ruled by water, Pisces thrive when they are by the water. Try booking a romantic getaway to Sandals Resort in Jamaica. Being on the crystal-clear water while also getting to enjoy an evening stargazing is the perfect way to win over this Neptune-ruled, certified lover.

Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles–based spiritual adviser, intuitive tarot card reader, and author whose work bridges the magical and the material to create real change. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, career, and everything in between. Learn more at and follow her on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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