'It caused more problems than it did good'

Mark Clattenburg watches a Nottingham Forest match
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Mark Clattenburg spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live on Thursday, reflecting on his time in an advisory role at Nottingham Forest last season.

"I wasn't a referee consultant," he said. "I think there was a misinterpretation of what my role was. I was an advisor to the owner and to the board.

"He [Forest's owner Evangelos Marinakis] wanted to understand English football, the English culture, he wanted to understand English refereeing, so there were a lot of different aspects to my role.

"I didn't speak to the referees before the game, and I haven't been a referee for seven years in the Premier League so I don't really know this new batch of referees. However, I knew the interpretation, I understood what was going on in football in England, so I used to pass on my expertise and my knowledge about the English game, not just refereeing."

When asked if his time at the club was a success, Clattenburg added: "No, because if you look, it caused more problems than it did good. There were certain things that we implemented within the club, certain ways to give a sporting edge to Nottingham Forest, but there seemed to be a huge outcry from certain people, certain bodies, certain companies.

"What I found difficult was that I haven't been a referee for seven years, so therefore I don't owe the Premier League or the PGMOL anything. I was employed by them, I refereed and I gave them my services. I should have been allowed to pass my services on, but it seemed to cause problems and I was highlighted every week and it just caused a problem.

"I thought it was the right thing to leave, to give the club a chance to stay in the Premier League, because it didn't matter what, they were still getting wrong decisions against."