Catch of the year? Florida WR Ricky Pearsall makes incredible one-handed grab vs. Charlotte

Florida's Ricky Pearsall catches a one-handed pass during a game against Charlotte on Sept. 23. (James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Florida wide receiver Ricky Pearsall made one of the best catches you’ll ever see against Charlotte on Saturday night. We have a new leader in the race for catch of the 2023 season.

Pearsall reached over his body as he was sprinting downfield to snag a pass from Graham Mertz with just his right hand. And if the grab itself wasn’t impressive enough, Pearsall hung on after he took a big hit.

Take a look at this.

The flags were initially for targeting and picked up after a replay review. But the lack of a penalty doesn’t diminish the catch that Pearsall made. It was an incredible display of athleticism to haul in the pass in the first place and the concentration to keep ahold of the football was also impressive.

Not long after Pearsall made his catch, Washington State’s Josh Kelly put himself in the conversation for catch of the year with his one-handed grab against Washington State. Look how Kelly reached around a defender to haul the ball in.

If we had to vote, we’d say both are incredible but Pearsall’s catch was slightly better than Kelly’s. If someone can top what Pearsall did on Saturday, it will be an amazing grab.