Treat yourself! Casper’s having the dreamiest New Year's sale ever on mattresses, pillows and bedding

Kristine Solomon
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Casper's end-of-year sale is here — and this time it's all about gifts for yourself! (Photo: Casper)
Casper's end-of-year sale is here — and this time it's all about gifts for yourself! (Photo: Casper)

Take a deep breath. Now exhale. You’ve made it through the holiday season and a year dominated by a global pandemic. Maybe you even have a Christmas bonus that’s burning a hole in your pocket, or you just want to invest in your best self for 2021.

We know exactly where to start: in the bedroom. It turns out that getting seven to eight hours of restful, restorative sleep each night makes you four times less likely to get sick than someone who gets just five or six. Creating a snooze-inducing space is one of the most practical ways you can pamper yourself.

Thanks to Casper, you can get started building your dream bedroom as quickly as today. We know you’re not exactly made of money this year, so you can also rest easy knowing you’re saving big bucks. That’s because Casper’s giant post-Christmas sale just kicked off. Save 15 percent on the brand’s award-winning mattresses and 10 percent on everything else, from memory foam pillows to weighted blankets.

Why wait till spring to refresh your room when you can start getting cozy in the middle of winter? Here are our top picks from Casper’s sitewide sale, happening now.

Wave Hybrid Mattress

Wave Hybrid Mattress: 15 percent off. (Photo: Casper)
Wave Hybrid Mattress: 15 percent off. (Photo: Casper)

Lumpy old mattresses are so last year. If you lean toward firm mattresses, let the cooling Wave Hybrid wash over you. It provides unmatched support thanks to strategically placed gel pods, three layers of cooling foam and a layer of springs. Like all Casper mattresses, the Wave Hybrid keeps you as cool as a cucumber all night long.

Shoppers say spending a night on this best-selling spring/memory foam hybrid mattress it’s “like sleeping on a cloud.” Nine out of 10 shoppers say they have less back pain after sleeping on it. Save 15 percent right now, and score a Twin for $1,271 (was $1,495), Queen for $2,206 (was $2,595) or King for $2,546 (was $2,995).

Shop it: Wave Hybrid Mattress, $2,206 (was $2,595),

Nova Hybrid Mattress

Nova Hybrid Mattress: 15 percent off. (Photo: Casper)
Nova Hybrid Mattress: 15 percent off. (Photo: Casper)

If you prefer your mattress a little more on the plush side, the Nova Hybrid is here to give you the cloud-like comfort you crave — with the kind of unyielding support Casper is famous for. In fact, this one was designed to mimic that kind of deep-sleep luxury you’d get from a hotel mattress.

One shopper called it their “best decision” and said, “you sink into the soft top layer and also have the well-designed targeted support underneath.” Save 15 percent on the Nova mattress right now. Twin is $931 ($1095), Queen is $1,696 (was $1,995) and King is $1,951 (was $2,295).

Shop it: Nova Hybrid Mattress, $1,696 for Queen (was $1,995),

Best-Selling Bundle

Best-Selling Bundle: 30 percent off. (Photo: Casper)
Best-Selling Bundle: 30 percent off. (Photo: Casper)

True to its name, the Best-Selling Bundle is a favorite among Casper customers. This trio of products—a new mattress, new foundation, new mattress cover—provides the building blocks of a great bed. Casper’s foundation is the company’s answer to a box spring, but much better looking — no bed skirt required here.

This package lets you choose from Casper’s Original foam mattress or a Hybrid version (foam plus springs). The whole shebang comes in at $791 for a Twin (was $930), $1,267 for a Queen (was $1,490) or $1,530 for a King (was $1,800). A foundation is not required with Casper mattresses, but it’s a perfect solution if you like a higher bed.

Shop it: Best-Selling Bundle, $1,267 for Queen (was $1,490),

Sateen Sheets

Sateen Sheets in Gray. (Photo: Casper)
Sateen Sheets in Gray. (Photo: Casper)

There’s a big difference between slipping into a set of so-so sheets and getting between sheets that are shockingly soft. Casper’s Sateen Sheets fall squarely into the latter category, made of luxurious and beautifully breathable organic cotton imported from Portugal. And get this: the more you wash them, the softer they get. Seriously.

Casper’s sheet sets come with a fitted and a flat sheet plus two pillowcases — Standard or King, depending on the size you choose. They’re so superior, they come with a one-year warranty. Score a full Queen set for just $125 (was $139), a Twin set for $98 (was $109) or a King set for $152 (was $169).

Shop it: Sateen Sheets, $125 for Queen (was $139),

Memory Foam Pillow

Foam Pillow (Photo: Casper)
Foam Pillow (Photo: Casper)

Do you know what kind of pillow you’re sleeping on? Upgrading your pillow situation could be the key to finally easing your neck pain and headaches. Casper’s popular Foam Pillow keeps your entire spine in alignment all night long, plus it helps you keep a cool head (literally) thanks to tiny channels in the foam that promote air circulation instead of trapping heat like a lot of traditional cushions.

Grab a Standard pillow for $80 (was $89) or a King pillow for $107 (was $119), then try to resist its huggability!

Shop it: Memory Foam Pillow, $80 for Standard (was $89),

Down-Alternative Duvet

Down-Alternative Duvet (Photo: Casper)
Down-Alternative Duvet (Photo: Casper)

No ducks were harmed in the making of Casper’s Down-Alternative Duvet, but a lot of Tencel Lyocell fiber was used. This breathable fiber shell is designed to keep you comfy and cool, never sweaty. Inside of the duvet insert is 100 percent recycled polyester. It’s a no-allergy zone all around.

The Down-Alternative Duvet is also easy to wash and dry right in the machine, and comes with a one-year warranty. Curl up with a Full/Queen duvet for $179 (was $199), a King/California King for $206 (was $229) or a Twin/Twin XL for $161 (was $179).

Shop it: Down-Alternative Duvet, $179 for Full/Queen (was $199),

Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket (Photo: Casper)
Weighted Blanket (Photo: Casper)

Restless sleeper? Casper’s Weighted Blanket has you covered. Two studies published by The Cleveland Clinic have shown that more than 60 percent of participants said they felt less anxiety when they slept with a weighted blanket.

Casper’s version uses evenly distributed microbeads to provide that supportive hug you need while you snooze. The soft, cozy, breathable cotton blanket is a real comfort to your mind and your body — what better way to take care of yourself in the new year? Order one that’s 10 percent of your body weight and save 10 percent right now. A 15-pound blanket is just $161 (was $179).

Shop it: Weighted Blanket, $161 for 15 lbs. (was $179),

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